Papillary hidradenoma

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Papillary hidradenoma
Other names: Hidradenoma papilliferum
Papillary hidradenoma - low mag.jpg
Micrograph of a papillary hidradenoma with the characteristic papillary structures and epithelium with apocrine snouts. A fragmented overlying epidermis is seen at the top of the image. H&E stain.
SpecialtyGynecology, dermatology

A papillary hidradenoma, also hidradenoma papilliferum, is a sharply circumscribed nodule or benign tumor of the apocrine gland usually found on the labia majora or the interlabial folds. It is benign tissue (not cancerous) but is often confused clinically with carcinoma of the vulva because of its tendency to ulcerate.[1]

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