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Other names: Sudoriferous cyst, Moll's gland cyst[1]
SymptomsSolitary small bump usually near eye[2]

Hidrocystoma, also known as cystadenoma,[1] is a small bump, a cyst of a sweat duct, usually on the eyelids.[2] It may be flesh-coloured, have a bluish tint in white skin or be darker in black skin.[3]

There are three types of "sweat" glands: True sweat glands or eccrine glands; sebaceous glands, which have an oily secretion around hair follicles; and apocrine glands which have more oily product than eccrine glands and are found on the face, armpit, and groin.

Hidrocystomas usually arise from apocrine glands. There may be a type of hidroadenoma that arises from eccrine glands, but these are uncommon.

Other related conditions on the eyelids include chalazion ( a granulomatous reaction to sebaceous glands on the eyelid), lacrimal duct cysts (cysts related to tear ducts) and nasolacrimal duct cysts (the nasolacrimal duct drains tears into the nose via a punctum on the lower eyelid).

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