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Medical Wiki (also known as WikiMed) is a mobile app providing offline access to MDWiki's and Wikipedia's health content. Built on Kiwix and supported by Wiki Project Med Foundation and Wikimedia Switzerland, the app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is available in several languages. The app includes medicine, anatomy, medication, and sanitation articles. All versions of the app are free and available for download below!

Warning Some of the apps are in excess of 1Gb. Make sure you are able to download them without incurring expensive charges!


Medical Wikipedia
Original author(s)Wikimedia CH, Wiki Project Med
Initial releaseJune 2015
Stable release
OSAndroid 4.0 or later
Size257 MB (AR), 300 MB (DE), 1.2 GB (EN), 258 MB (ES), 142 MB (FA), 301 MB (FR), 300 MB (JA), 50 MB (OR), 156 MB (PT), 150 MB (ZH)
Available inArabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Odia, Persian, Spanish, Portuguese
TypeHealth information on the Internet
LicenseCC BY SA and GPL

Medical Wikipedia is a mobile app which provides offline access to health information on Wikipedia. It is an instance of the Wikipedia arm of meta:Kiwix.

On June 10th, 2015 Wiki Project Med Foundation and Wikimedia Switzerland launched an android app that contains all of the English Wikipedia's health care content: including medical, anatomy, medication, physiology, dentistry, and sanitation related articles as tagged by the respective meta:WikiProjects. Since then, further language versions have followed. All versions of the app are available for download on w:en:Google Play. In 2018 an English-language WikiMed app was launched in the w:en:Microsoft Store by Kiwix: this app can be installed on all Windows 10 devices (PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox). For other operating systems, a two step process is required.

This page is for collaboration to improve the existing versions and to launch new versions. The introduction page for the English app is at App/IntroPage. (Other language intro pages can be found via the language links at HERE).

Language download links for Android phones

See what it looks like HERE

Version from MDWiki

  1. Download the ZIM without video (1.6 Gb)
  2. Download the ZIM with video (7 Gb)

Standalone apps

The existing language versions of the app can be downloaded at these links from Google Play:

  1. Download the app in Arabic (AR)
  2. Download the app in German (DE)
  3. Download the app in English (EN)
  4. Download the app in Spanish (ES)
  5. Download the app in Persian (FA)
  6. Download the app in French (FR)
  7. Download the app in Japanese (JA)
  8. Download the app in Odia (OR) (also spelled Oriya or Odiya)
  9. Download the app in Portuguese (PT)
  10. Download the app in Modern Standard Chinese (ZH)

Smaller version

  1. Download the smaller EN version

Store link for Windows 10 devices (PC/Tablet/Mobile)

  1. Download the app in English (EN)

For other languages, see instructions in the About tab of the above app, or if you do not want the English-language archive at all, install the small generic Kiwix JS app and download your preferred language archive directly in the app from the Settings page.

The above Windows 10 apps can be installed on a microSD card: simply change the install location in Settings -> Storage -> Change where new content is saved.

Windows 7/8/10 (PC) 32bit executable

  1. Download from the GitHub repository in English (EN)

This release contains the latest English-language WikiMed archive, but other languages can be downloaded from Configuration. If you do not want the English-language archive at all, install the smaller generic Kiwix JS Windows NWJS app and download your preferred language archive directly in the app from the Configuration page.

The above Windows 7/8/10 apps are fully portable, and can be saved onto and run from a thumb drive.

Other operating systems

  • For Windows XP and Vista, download the appropriate release from the GitHub Repository and then download your chosen WikiMed archive from the Configuration page.
  • For iOS first download Kiwix (requires iOS version 10.0.0 or higher) then download the language ZIM you wish
    • There is also a standalone iOS app «WikiMed» available in the Apple app store (English only).

Other operating systems click here

Browser add-ons:

Moving to SD card

I believe that this will work from an SD card as well. You put the small Kiwix software on the main data space and then the ZIM on the SD.

Data files

All ZIMs here

  • To download the English (EN) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Portuguese (PT) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Chinese (ZH) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Arabic (AR) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Spanish (ES) ZIM file click here
  • To download the Persian (FA) ZIM file click here
  • To download the French (FR) ZIM file click here

18 official languages of India

Creation steps

Article list is built from this for Wikipedia. List is build from this for MDWiki. The two are than merged.

Currently contains:

  • WikiProject_Women's_health_articles
  • WikiProject_Microbiology_articles
  • WikiProject_Physiology_articles
  • WikiProject_Medicine_articles
  • WikiProject_Dentistry_articles
  • WikiProject_Anatomy_articles
  • WikiProject_Pharmacology_articles
  • WikiProject_Sanitation_articles

Future plans

  • add w:en:WP:MCB, WP:VetMed, WP:Neuroscience
  • Remove BLPs and companies
  • download better quality images when clicked on
  • ability to add larger pictures than thumbnail
  • ability to save data to an sd card
  • allow direct sharing between phones (asked on 2016 community wishlist)

A banner to raise awareness of the app is here. There was consensus against the use of the banner at the top of articles at a village pump discussion in January–February 2017 (closed in March). Use; however, may be appropriate on user pages (e.g. at the top of them) and project pages.

  • {{WikiProjectMed:WikiProject Medicine/App/Banner}}


The offline app allows you to download all of Wikipedia's medical articles in an app to access them when you have no Internet.
Wikipedia's health care articles can be viewed offline with the Medical Wikipedia app.

A sidebar to raise awareness of the app is here. Consensus was gained for the use of the sidebar in the external links section of medical articles at a village pump discussion in March–April 2017 (closed in April).

  • {{Offline|med}}


Press release

Possible data collection

1) A CSV file of the date by the number of downloads of each app 2) For the viewing of content right from the harddrive a) Product loaded b) Number of page views of that product c) Terms searched for which returns zero results

Launching a language

A number of translations are needed plus a logo.

Intro page


Wiki Med
Offline Medical Wikipedia

Like Wikipedia all content here is open access, meaning that it is free to download, reuse, share, and build upon. If you like this app and are interested in helping to make it better, please join us. Keep in mind that this is volunteer-generated content. While we try our best to make it as accurate as possible, it is not perfect. Thus we request that you use common sense.

Old intro

  • Old here.
  • Partly machine translated here. Just substitute the language code.

Android app details

Title: Medical Wikipedia (Offline)

Sub-Title: Healthcare articles available offline, everywhere, for free!

Description: Wikipedia's Offline Medical Encyclopedia is the biggest collection of healthcare articles on Android. It includes medical, anatomy, medication, and sanitation articles. If you are in the developing world without access to the Internet or on a boat in the middle of nowhere you can now access one of the foremost and up-to-date medical dictionary, for free. Perfect for community health workers, doctors, medical students, and those simply interested in health. Also available in a number of other languages with ongoing efforts to expand the selection.

Powered by [1]


Intro pages

Get involved

The app is open source which means that you can view its source code and build derivatives off it. You can do so by:

  1. first setting up Kiwix as described here
  2. downloading the .zim file of the language you'd like to have from here (for English that's wikipedia_en_medicine_2016-11.zim as an example)
  3. following the instructions under "Steps to build a Custom App" in the readme