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a,b) Injection of diluted vasopressin into an adenomyoma.c,d) Removal of an adenomyoma from the uterus with minimal thermal damage.

Adenomyoma is a tumor (-oma) including components derived from glands (adeno-) and muscle (-my-).[1] It is a type of complex and mixed tumor.

In obstetrics and gynecology contexts,Uterine adenomyoma is a form of adenomyosis that forms a mass or growth around the tissue of the inner uterus.

Most cases of adenomyosis are non-symptomatic. However, it may present with dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain. In the case of juvenile cystic adenomyoma, laparoscopic enucleation results in a statistically and clinically significant reduction in dysmenorrhea, ease in any chronic pelvic pain, and low risk of recurrence.[2]

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