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Software we have been involved with developing includes:

Tracking requests


Volunteer programers
Amir, Andrew, Fred, Ivo, User:Level C, User:Edgars2007, Tim
Git hub repositories for WPMED
Earlier Git hub repository for Wikiproject-Medicine
Reward board on EN WP

General work


Translation dashboard

  • (ticket) If one puts in the "or" language code and than hits "sign in" the tool should remember the "or" language code
  • Redirect the EN name to the name of the article in the target language for Or. Checking with Subas to make sure it is okay.


  • Request for CTX improvements (stream lining the process) [5]
  • Fix the issue around missing references. CTX produces[6] and than user needs to add the missing reference tags and re expand the infobox.[7]. Prior ticket from 2018[8]. (ticket 2021)(Still broken in 2022)

NC Commons

Template errors


CT viewer

  • Make scrolling slower.
  • Add a narrow slider to the left of the scan
  • Improve loading (or show a loading icon)
  • Scrolling side bar[13]
  • [14]


Next steps

  •  Done Get multi upload to Commons working
    •  Done Need to remove NC tag
    •  Done Need to ignore "|"
  •  Done Get CT scan viewer working on Commons
  •  Done Get to work as a pop-up with play button in caption
  •  Done Move scroll bar to ride side
  •  Done Set background as black
  •  Done On mobile have moving up or down the finger on the screen scroll through the images
  •  Done On desktop have the right arrow function the same as the up arrow on the keyboard and same for left and down
  •  Done On mobile allow swiping rt to be the same as up and lt the same as down
  •  Done On mobile increase the size of the image to take up the full width
  •  Done On mobile have the vertical scroll bar laid over the left side of the image and make the scroll bar narrow
  •  Done On mobile move the number of the current slide and total slides to bottom left corner of screen
  •  Done Centre image vertically on mobile
  • (Ibrahim) Create a bot that puts all the pages used in {{ImageStackPopup}} under "|list =" in a category so that pageviews can be calculated




  • Fix links from NC Commons back to Commons[15]
  • EN WP and MDWiki go to the same Commons item. Keep source at MDWiki.[16]
  • Identify at which part the upload fails.(ticket)
  • Ken Burns effect(ticket)
  • Put all Ken Burns effect webm's in a category on Commons. Then have a bot pull all the pages that use them. And calculate pageviews for these pages. If views were created from the Ken Burns' create a list of videos that contain it.



[Low] Allow embedding a calculator widget like [17][18]

  • Have variable boxes and text areas. Each variable box will be automatically assigned a letter such as a, b, c, etc
  • And answer box can be added where the calculation using the variables is stated
  • As variables are assigned values the answer box should displace the results

Potential collaborators


Finished work