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WikiProjectMed is a community organization which supports the development of free and open medical information in Wiki based projects, and related efforts to encourage wiki-access to media. The organization maintains regular elections of the Board of Trustees. Members of WikiProjectMed in good standing are eligible to vote. This page gives information about the 2023 election of the WikiProjectMed board of trustees.

Quick information

See election rules at WikiProjectMed:Election. Post any questions to the talk page.

Here is how the election works:

  1. Candidates for the board nominate themselves
  2. Members of the organization vote on candidates
  3. The election committee counts votes and reports a result
  4. The board of the organization confirms the process, results, and elected candidates

Ballots go to the registered email address for each member. Vote through that email during the election period.

Election schedule
Date Task Notes
31 Dec 2022 Deadline for Membership renewal to be eligible for this election Invite to renew sent Dec 11,22
1 to 20 Jan 2023 Self nominations Nomination closed with 4 individuals running for re election for 4 spots.
1 to 14 Feb 2023 5 to 19 Feb 2023 Voting for 4 seats on the board Shifted 5 days due to technical problem
before Feb 28 2023 Board meeting and announcement of the 4 board members elected
Dates Results posted on this page elected:

Election stakes

This election is for 4 seats among the WikiProjectMed Board of Seats. Duration of the term is 4 years.

Privileges of these seats include the following:

  • Represent WikiProjectMed members in circumstances where this organization is required, such as for institutional partnerships and collaborations
  • Present consensus statements when organizations request collective comment, such as for organization surveys from the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Be a point of contact for members and curious people outside wiki, who ask about sharing medical information and our community values

Responsibilities of board members include the following:

  • participate in 2-hour meetings every two to four months throughout the year;
  • answer emails in a timely manner;
  • identify by their real name (but not necessarily linked with their Wikimedia username).

As Wiki Project Med Foundation is a formal charity in the US, this information is required and is public information. Therefore, all board members are required to agree that their real name is public.


Eligible voters receive a ballot by email to the address which they registered. Ballots go out after the confirmation of nominees and before the start of the voting period.

Check your email for your ballot. In case of problem please post to the talk page. Non-members may not vote in this election, but may join as members to vote in the next election.


Only members of the organization can nominate themselves for the board

If you'd like to nominate yourself, please add a new sub topic, with your name & optionally your user name, followed by short description of your Wikimedia & Medicine experience. Nominees might want to answer / address in their description the following:

  • personal info and background relevant to the work of Wikimedia & Medicine;
  • Wikimedia & Medicine activities and major achievements;
  • international experience (rather than local one) that might be relevant to this role;
  • expertise / relevant governance experience;
  • why you believe you are suitable to serve as a Wikimedia & Medicine board member;
  • any special areas / types of activities you would like to concentrate on while on the board.

Consider reviewing the style of nominations from past elections.

Tim Moody

I am currently a member of the board and am seeking re-election because I believe deeply in the work of Wiki Project Med and in the need for resources in the offline world. I feel that as a member of the board I could strengthen the relationship between the IIAB team and Wiki Project Med.

My contributions to Wiki Project Med have been more IT than MD:

  • I'm a principal developer of Internet in a Box.
  • I set up the Our World in Data mirror used by MDWiki, VideoWiki, and a caching system to create the Kiwix offline version of MDWiki.
  • I have scraped multiple medical web sites for inclusion in the Medical version of IIAB.

I have attended three Wikimania events, but haven't had much success as an editor.

I live in Canada, have a Ph.D. in Religious Studies focusing on Indian religion, and have been a serial entrepreneur. I have no medical experience, except as the occasional patient, though I have studied portions of Sushruta in Sanskrit and English.

Stuart Ray (soupvector)


I am currently a member of the board, and am offering this self-nomination for re-election. I strongly believe in the mission of the foundation and value the contributions of all involved. I endeavor to engage meaningfully in the work of the board, acknowledging that my work as an academic physician (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases) keeps me busy.

I hope that my perspective as a clinician and professor (at Johns Hopkins) is useful in the WPMedF context, and I work to encourage peer experts to learn more about WP editing policy and culture.

I participated at Wikimania 2019 (Stockholm) and WikiConf NA 2015.


I am mossab a general practitioner and teaching & research assistant at the Hashemite University in jordan. i am also member in wiki project medicine in Both Arabic and English Wikipedia as well as Wikipedia education program team leader at my university and i established the program from zero.

I am the 8th Top medical editor in 2015 and i was ranked 40th in the Top medical editors list in 2016, 10th at 2017 and 16th in 2018. i was the highest Arabic medical editor in all three consecutive years (2014-2015-2016) and the second highest Arabic medical editor at 2017 and 2018; as well as admin on Arabic Wikipedia,Wiktionary and Wikisource. I am Wikipedia education program team leader and i directed the education towards translating WHO list of essential medicines so that my students successfully translated most of the articles. i also participated in releasing of offline medical app on arabic by translating the framework of app.

I participated in WMCON 2018 as a representative of Wikimedians of Levant user group and after this conference i organized many collaborations including medical topics. some examples are Punjabi Arabic Ealaqat, Arabic–Bengali Cultural Exchange Program, Armenian-Jordanian cooperation and Arabic- Serbian collaboration. Also I moved more than 100 translations of Osmosis medical videos from YouTube to commons and this is an example here.

I founded a Wikipedia student club under the name of digital Arabic content club and i serve as the chairman since 2017. Also i served as Wikipedia education program team leader since 2015. i am a member at my University council and also member in the student's union at my university as well as member in the Committee on Foreign Relations at the student's union. in the faculty of medicine also i am member in the financial and human resources committee.

I think that there's a need of an Arabic speaking board member because it is one of the most popular and widely spread languages in addition to my experience in translation of medical articles into Arabic. Also i have the power of recruiting Wikipedia education program students to participate in translation of medical topics with a long experience in this field. in relation to medicine i serve as an associate editor in WikiJournal of Medicine.

I have interst in Wikipedia and education relationship and i work to spread the wiki awareness in this regard. one of my major activities was the initiation of MOU between Wikimedia foundation and the hashemite university. I use every chance i have to represent Wikipedia to the decision-makers and the last chance was in the meeting with king Abdullah II at the university around the minute 5:40 of the video. I have been serving as membership admin since 2019. In 2020 I established Jordanian digital Arabic content association (JDACA) to improve Wikipedia content all-over the country. Regards

Diptanshu Das

I am currently a member of the board and am seeking re-election because I believe deeply in the work of Wiki Project Med.

I am a paediatric neurologist and neurodevelopmental specialist and the founder of the Institute of NeuroDevelopment where we help parents raise awesome kids irrespective of neurodevelopmental challenges. I am a social entrepreneur and along with my team, we help raise communities and promote collaborative learning, working primarily in the domains of health and education. I live with my family consisting of my wife and two kids in Kolkata, India.

I have been a Wikipedian for over 15 years and am a Veteran Editor IV with more than 24,000 edits, counting among the top 5000 contributors, ranked 1111 on the list of most-active Wikipedians by the number of "recent" edits (as of September 2013), . I have contributed mainly to medical topics on English Wikipedia and have worked significantly for the improvement of the referencing and bibliography of medical articles on Wikipedia, usually helping in improving stub, start and C class articles. I have been in the top 300 medical editors consistently over the 5 years till 2017, ranking as the 13th Top medical contributor of 2017. I have been the Editor in Chief of the ILAE Wikipedia Project till 2022 and currently am the Deputy Editor in Chief of the same project (both being unpaid posts but ILAE does provide a certain compensation to my organisation to make up for the time spent from my working hours in the organisation). I run a Wikipedia Medical Editing Internship and groom people to edit Wikipedia. I have been a Board member of Wikimedia Medicine with the term ending in 2023. I contribute primarily to medical articles on English Wikipedia. I have been a new page reviewer and try to help out. I am also a Wikidata enthusiast and have contributed the Commons. I am also a member of working group of Open Access India.

I was elected as a Board Member of Wikipedia Medicine (also known as Wiki Project Med) where I have played administrative roles. I have also been an Editorial Board member at WikiJournal of Medicine. I am a member of working group of Open Access India where I have collaboratively participated in the preparation of the proposed National Open Access Policy of India. I have been a participant and presenter at multiple Open Access conferences including Wikimania.

By being on the board, I would help in getting people more oriented with and involved in contributing to the medical content of Wikipedia.

Election results

test copy of the ballot

Results posted 7 March 2023! Late by a week!

There were 55 eligible voters and 19 of them submitted ballots, giving 34% participation when the by-laws require 20% of membership participation to have a valid election.

The trustee election was not competitive as there were 4 seats for 4 candidates. Each candidate received support votes on at least 14 of the 19 ballots, so all are now elected and can be confirmed by the board at the next Wikimedia Medicine board meeting.

For the by-laws amendments there were 13 votes in favor of change, 4 in opposition, and 2 abstentions. The result is that the by-laws change have passed in the electorate, and again, the board can confirm the change at the next meeting.

Three eligible voters wrote me privately to ask questions during the election. All of the questions related to the technical process of voting.

In managing the election I used a service called, as described on the talk page of this document. This service has instructions and recommendations, and among them, it suggested that I only issue one election reminder and that this reminder come a week before the close the election. The service gives data feedback about the election, including information about how many people have voted at a point in time. The majority of people who voted did so within a day of receiving their ballots. The second-largest voter group voted a day after getting a reminder. Personally, as someone who has organized Wikipedia community elections in the past, I am satisfied that the voter participation for this election is typical among Wikipedia community organizations, but in any case I always try to encourage more people to vote. The service indicated that an additional 4 voters opened their ballots without submitting. I suppose that might be common with digital ballots, but this service is providing that information to me for the first time I have seen it.

If anyone has questions then ping me! The minutes of the next board meeting should follow up with confirmation and next steps. Blue Rasberry (talk) 17:34, 7 March 2023 (UTC)