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Board members:

  • Shani Evenstein
  • Doug Taylor
  • Sydney Poore
  • Subas Chandra Rout
  • Emily Temple-Wood
  • Daniel Mietchen

Special advisor:

  • James Heilman


  • James Hare


14:20 UTC: Quorum online

1. Discussion about Internet-in-a- Box Doc James proposed WPMF supports IIaB - make 100 devices to start off. James has donated cost of 100 devices. We sell them at cost and use revenue for more if successful. Criterion for people buying is that they agree to doing a follow-up survey at approx 3 months.

Emily offered to help with a brochure and via social media. Sydney as well. Involve Lane Rasberry. Board agreed we continue to support the project.

2. Guidestar - rankings of charities. We have Guidestar profile. Doc James has approval to manage the profile.

3. Bank account - need to attach account to Paypal to recieve money. We will ask Wikimedia DC to provide us with a mailing address for day-to-day use. Emily will make the request.

4. Postpone discusion of fundraising until next meeting when James Hare will hopefully be with us.

5. Discussion on whether we ought to consider increasing basic term for board membership to two years. Doug outlined how WMUK has increased terms for 1 to 2, and now to 3 years; and asked if we are at the stage where we need to extend the current 1 year term. Sydney gave a counter-view that we are just settling down into a pattern and having too many new members with new ideas could be unsettling.

Sydney suggested we made check every 6 months as to whether members wish to continue. Doug outlined 3 possibilities to deal with a Board vacancy: (i) carry the vacancy to the next election; (ii) have members vote on a by-election; (iii) allow the Board to appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of the term. Discussion favoured the third option. We will need to amend WPMF bylaws.

Doug outlined how WMUK has two types of Board members: (a) elected by the membership (majority); and (b) co-opted by the Board. The reason is to be able to bring people onto the Board who have particular skills that would be useful.

Moving to change the board members term to 2 years. In case a board member steps down during this 2-year period, the board will have the option to appoint a replacement for the remainder of their term.

VOTE: unanimous acceptance - will circulate to other Board members for approval.

The intention is that we move to elections every 2 years. Discussion ensued about representation of diferent skills on the Board. Emily suggested different health professionals: optometrists; pediatricians; etc. Shani mentioned IT/Tech skills, financial. Sydney noted international partners - e.g. UNESCO and legal.

6. Membership Shani will send a membership email to new members welcoming them. Members will reconfirm their membership every two years before elections. Sydney offered to help out with creating the email. Sydney/Shani will circulate the email we intend to use around Board and ask for comment - also ask Lane for his input.

5 (continued) Sydney will look at getting recommendations from Garfield Byrne on a Board replacement with financial skills.

Daniel said he would look at a recommendation to fill the vacancy. Daniel related his experience with EU where external experts join for specific projects.

Possible expert board members Lawyer: Jade Buchanan Internet-in-a-Box: Adam Holt, SJ Klein, Sam Zidovetski

Suggestion to create a network of useful contacts with specific expertise who would give advice and perhaps help with specific projects. For example John Cummings who is WiR at UNESCO. That gives a point of contact and the chance to involve other busy people without burdening them with any more responsibility.

7. Daniel talked about his work and contacts concerning emergencies.

Next meeting discussion points:

  • Creating network of people
  • Daniel's report on emergencies
  • Fundraising, connecting the bank account with our paypal, bank access - with James Hare -> done
  • Membership Bot
  • Wikidata Con

Shani reported on new WikiMed elective course she is giving at Tel Aviv University.