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Final working draft dated 19 February 2019.

Our work in 2019 will mainly build upon and consolidate the on-going work from 2018.

Inreach & outreach


Translation (metric: number of articles created).


Outreach to at least 10 affiliates this year:

  • Indian Chapter - distribution of the South Asia version of IIAB from within the country.
  • Wikimedia Germany - more collaboration along the lines of the disaster management workshop (
  • Wikimedia UK - led by Doug connecting volunteers/staff from WMUK; and Sam to organise medical events and further collaboration.
  • Continue collaborating with the Central Eastern Europe Wikimedia affiliates (CEE), again with the goal of attending their annual meeting, presenting and reaching out to specific chapters - Shani
  • WM Taiwan - James will lead collaborations and look for new initiatives.
  • Reaching out to the Wikipedia & Education user group - Shani.
  • Reaching out to the Wikidata Community User Group - Daniel, Lane & Shani.
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana - Daniel to follow up last year's collaboration, especially around disaster management.
  • Wikimedia Israel - Shani.
  • Wikimedia Armenia - James & Susanna

VideoWiki (Pratik)

Wikimedia is a multi-media project and has the ability to deliver to its audiences in many formats. Text and static images have been used for several years now, but video has posed unique problems for its adoption, notably ease of creation and editing, and guarantees of verifiability. WPMEDF has been testing ways of achieving delivery of video content that meets these standards, and will continue to do so throughout 2019.

Now that we have a functional system of producing scripted videos that can be demonstrated, start to lay the foundations of gaining acceptance of this technology among the projects.


  • Cochrane - WiR (Jenny)
  • The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) - Shani & James
  • World Health Organization (WHO) including World Hearing Day Edit-a-thon
  • UNESCO - The University of Virginia is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Daniel and Lane are happy to facilitate wiki activities under the UNESCO banner. We’re in touch with John Cummings over what’s possible. Shani will be presenting during Mobile Learning Week at UNESCO during March and will talk about Wikidata.


By location:

  • Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel
  • University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), USA
  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA
  • Touro College, New York City
  • Other schools in the US
  • Canada: Queen’s University
  • Cochrane UK internship students (dates?)
  • Taiwan
  • Brasil
  • Armenia

By other criteria:


  • National Library of Medicine: Continuation of work to run editathons. Working on “rare diseases” initially, more topics to be explored.
  • Medical libraries to collaborate with?
  • Claude Moore Library at UvA - Lane and Daniel are in touch with them, and they are interested in Scholia profiles around medical faculty/ topics/ journals



  • WikiConference Berlin 2019: JH
  • Wikimania 2019: JH
  • GLAMWiki in Tel Aviv: Shani
  • CEE:


  • CDC - disaster relief - ?
  • eHealth - ?
  • State of the Map - Daniel
  • ECSA - Daniel
  • Sage Assembly - Lane
  • FSCI - Daniel
  • Evidence Live - Jenny (Queen’s Wikipedia editing group)
  • Rotary Club: Will have table in Spoken showing off IIAB.[1]



  • Collaboration with Rotary club to distribute in the developing world. Will be presenting at their big annual conference and will have a table.
  • Collaboration with WMF/Africa Center moving slow

Metrics and development

We continue to develop metrics:

  • Projects
  • Number of editors, number of refs
  • Userscripts -> possibly make use of the Google Summer of Code or Google Code-In
  • Approaches to finding programmers
  • Find funding
  • Partner with social coding organizations
  • E.g.
  • Find volunteers in our networks


Emergency response

  • Held first workshop in Berlin in March
  • Proposal for a follow-up workshop submitted for State of the Map



  • $10,000 USD goal