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Board meeting 3 was held on April 8, 2013 (7pm EST, New York) via Skype.



On Skype
UTC: Midnight April 8/9
US MST: 6:00pm Monday April 8
US EST: 8:00pm Monday April 8
Aus. WST: 8:00am Tuesday April 9

Proposed agenda for meeting

  1. Review meeting format.
    1. What communication medium is best - phone conference, Skype, Google Hangout, something else?
    2. What days and times are likely to be best when meetings are proposed?
    3. Which meetings are open to anyone and which are restricted?
  2. Discuss conflict of interest policy
    1. Should the organization do something new or follow policies set by such groups as the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia UK, or any other group?
    2. Should the organization get a lawyer or write a layman policy?
    3. United States-based non-profit organization Consumer Reports has interest in developing a proposal for some formal relationship with Wiki Project Med. The nature of the relationship would be that Consumer Reports and other health education organizations would seek advice and regulation in developing Wikimedia projects according to community guidelines, and in return, Wiki Project Med would give that advice and regulation and take what actions it needs to assert that it represents a thoughtful segment of the Wikipedia community when it guides health organizations in their engagement. This could be a model for other partnerships.
  3. What should the organization's relationship with the Wikimedia Chapters Association be?
    1. What about partnerships with other Wikimedia organizations in general, such as other chapters?
    2. How should the organization engage other projects, like the Wikimedia Education Program?
  4. The 2013 Wikimedia Conference is in Milan starting April 18. The organization is sending user:Daniel Mietchen and user:Biosthmors to this conference as representatives. What should they do on behalf of the organization?
  5. Wikimania 2013 is in August. Persons attending should submit proposals for talks. Wiki_Project_Med#Wikimania_2013_-_Health_presentations
  6. Membership


  • Wikimedia Conference
  • Conflict of interest, best practices
  • Wikimedia Chapters Association
  • Membership requirements



  • James and Doug mentioned the importance of meeting with Affiliations Committee members at the Wikimedia Conference
  • The Wikimedia Chapters Association (WCA) was mentioned as something for Daniel and Brian to learn more about at the conference; Doug voiced his support for the WCA; the group's previously proposed budget was discussed
  • For licensing, the idea that we should mention the WMUK guidelines was a source for the conflict of interest (COI) draft was proposed
  • Anthony suggested that we might vote on the COI draft
  • Lane voiced his concern that the COI draft might be overly restrictive
  • Doug and Jake said we should err on the side of caution
  • James said members should look at Wiki Project Med Foundation/Conflicts of Interest and use Talk:Wiki Project Med Foundation/Conflicts of Interest to discuss the proposal
  • Brian said he may become a Wikimedian in Residence at the WHO, which was discussed in terms of ensuring adherence to best COI practices; Doug emphasized the importance of the related employment section
  • James suggested making membership contingent upon a certain # of edits per year
  • Anthony said he would look at membership policy format
  • James mentioned the need for business cards; Jake said he could work on that