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This is a report of activities of Wiki Project Med Foundation for 2022. It is not a complete list of everything we have done this year but represents a highlight of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage involvement by further individuals within the wider membership.

Projects and activities


MDWiki have grown to more than 198,250 edits since it started in July 2020. There are more than 2,800 content pages and 48,814 pages all together.

In 2022 we received more than 83,000 unique visitors, who made 167,000 visits, to who we served up more than 7 million pages. This represented 181 Gb of traffic. There was an additional 82 million non viewed traffic pages which represented 2.1 Tb of bandwidth.

NC Commons

We have collected a total of 1,183,816 images under NC and ND licenses as of the end of 2022.

CropTool is up and running. We have also introduced a multi CropTool, which is especially useful when working with CT and MRI image sets. Our CT viewing efforts can been seen at mesenteric ischemia.

We have added tools to stream line the moving of images from MDWiki to NC Commons.

NC Commons received more than 8,100 unique visitors, who made 16,700 visits, to 211,000 pages representing about 24 Gb of traffic. There was an additional 1.8 million pages of none viewed traffic.


MDWiki now forms the basis of our offline EN app for android, build in collaboration with Kiwix. This app has seen more than 100,000 downloads, mostly from low and middle income countries, many of who are health care providers or students. This change allows us to be responsive to requests for improvements from our app users. The app remains highly rated at 4.68 stars from 24,100 reviews.

A version to run on Windows has also been developed.

We have created a mirror of MDWiki at [1] from which Kiwix's mwoffliner can run.


In 2022 we shipped 58 Internet-in-a-Box. We additionally adjusted what we charge for the devices to 40 USD for those from LMIC and 50 USD to HIC, which includes shipping.


The leaderboard for the Wiki Project Med translation taskforce as of Dec 30 2022

Our dashboard to coordinate translation from MDWiki into other languages of Wikipedia continues to be improved. We have developed an addition 1,475 summaries of key health care topics on MDWiki which adds to the prior 1,338 summaries developed on English Wikipedia.

Our partnership with ProZ has begun onboarding volunteer translators to the Wikimedia movement. This has increased the number of languages in which we have worked to 14. We have had about 907 articles, representing about 198,000 words translated. The resulting content has been viewed 597,000 times.

Additionally we collaborated with a medical school on translation from English MDWiki into Hebrew Wikipedia.


In 2022 we relaunched the software and upgraded it to function on the new servers at

We currently have 66 video scripts on MDWiki.

We added auto upload to our Youtube channel and have adapted the software to allow it to both pull from, as well as upload to NC Commons.

Near the end of 2022 unfortunately the software stopped working fully. We are working to onboard a programmer to address these issues for us.


We developed an extension which allows use of their material securely within a mediawiki install. We have integrating about 288 of their health related graphs into MDWiki. Plus we have developed templates so that the most recent version flows into our offline efforts.

We are collaborating with the technical team at OWID on making their material more multilingual. First meeting occurred on Apr 20th 2022.


We supported Healx in running an edit-a-thon on rare diseases at Cambridge in the UK in June of 2022.

We supported work on dental topics by the Vishnu Dental College in collaboration with Praveen Das, the Sr Regional Partnerships Manager (South Asia) at the WMF.

WikiProject Clinical Trials

For Wikidata's d:Wikidata:WikiProject Clinical Trials there is a preprint at . The project imported records to Wikidata and modeled processes by means of which anyone else can import more medical content into the Wikimedia environment.



The board remained unchanged in 2022.


We launched membership renewal for 2023 in December of 2022. As of the end of 2022 there were 43 members of the organization eligible to vote in the coming election of the board.

Charity status

2022 Proposed Budget

Approved by vote of the board on Jan 31st 2022.

  • MDWiki and NC Commons $8,000
  • IIAB $100
  • VideoWiki $800
  • Accounting $200
  • Fundraising $1,000

Total: $10,100



  • Donations 5,044.24 USD / 95.04 CAD / 3.01 EUR
  • IIAB 1920 USD

Total: 6,964.24 USD / 95.04 CAD / 3.01 EUR


  • Skizzer 1,823.04 USD
  • VideoWiki 1,363.75 USD
  • Translation 399.49 USD
  • Namecheap 174.80 USD
  • Google 0.11 USD
  • Venmo fee 0.40 USD
  • Paypal fee 51.69 USD
  • Google 17.85 CAD

Total: 3,813.28 USD / 17.85 CAD

Year balance (net change)

3,150.96 USD / 77.19 CAD / 3.01 EUR

Assets Dec 31st 2022

  • Bank account: $12,404.52 USD
  • Paypal: 6867.39 USD / 77.19 CAD /3.01 EUR

Total: 19,271.91 USD / 77.19 CAD /3.01 EUR from $16,120.95 USD / 0 CAD / 0 EUR

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