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18:00 UTC

  • Shani Evenstein
  • Doug Taylor
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Carl Frederick

In attendance:

  • James Heilman


  • James Hare

Shani suggested that she would send out individual invitations to help with problems.

Items for discussion

1. Shani has endorsed the WMF Strategy on behalf of WPMEDF after email exchanges - we as a Board endorse that decision.

2. Position of Treasurer and Secretary - We should make a formal motion onwiki to get Board approval of James Hare taking over the job of Treasurer. Doug indicated that he was willing to pick up the work of Secretary, but wanted the other Board members to have the opportunity to take on the job formally if they were interested.

3. Daniel reported on Wikidata Con. Shani mentioned a meeting with GeneWiki and an option for collaboration. Daniel reports he is already working regularly with the team involved in Wkipedia Gene Project, which is creating an area on Wikidata to hold several related databases. Doug has also helped with the WD API. Shani proposes a meeting with them to look for opportunities for working together. All attendees of the meeting will be CCed. Daniel mentions the Mesh catalogue in Mix'n'match - only 1/3 uploaded but needs work. . We'll invite others from the community to help out.

4. Daniel reports on Emergencies events - will be giving a workshop in Berlin. - Daniel suggets working with more chapters / affiliates from the movement about disaster. Working now with the Italian chapter (also Open Street Map) to enhance the work. Also talks about the HOT summit (see notes). Daniel noted how Open Street Map was able to leverage public response to emergencies as a mechanism for onboarding new contributors. We could look for equivalent opportunities for WMPMED & Wikipedia See Doc James mentions that one thing we can do is send Internet-in-a-box to areas such as puerto rico as a response to emergenicies. We've shipped 4 x IIAB to Puerto Rico which still has problems following the hurricanes. Daniel reported on making connections with UNESCO via John Cummings. Daniel volunteered to take on contact person for GLAM stuff related to medicine, along with Shani who already does that.

5. James reports about IIAB (Internet in a Box} - 800$ in our PayPal account. We have a new version is 32 giga SD card (Beta version). Added French. Videos from Osmosis are in. Plus a large chunk of the CDC database. Working on a version for India with 20 languages. Instruction page on how to operate it - James offers that we finds other people to operate it. He's in discussion with both WMF Store and Osmosis Store to sell it for us. Also discusses the option of chapters selling locally. James is also in discussion with Doctors Without Borders about shipping it to needed places. In terms of chapters, we need to target specific chapters where IIAB is needed, WM South Africa, Nigeria, WikiMedia India. Shani will suggest for people to join the IIAB efforst in the summary email to the mailing list.

6. Update on dashboard / edu efforts

7. Two items from Doug: Berln Conference; Wiki Data Mine. Doug is working with a small team in planning the pre-conference training for afflliates at the Chapters' Conference. Charles Matthews is interesting in working with WPMEDF on datamining, such as project to add all medical sources to Wikidata, and defining them as secondary/review, etc. He will send information on their activities that can be circulated on the email list. Action: Doug to circulate info on mailing list. (no links for the above)

8. Carl updated us on his ongoing residency with a governmental agency

9. Wikimedian in Residence at University of Virginia

10. Can we make the board meetings public? Invitation to allow others to join the meeting. Suggestion is to record Board meeting and make it available.

11. James was at a conference in the Netherlands. He reported on contacts with MSF (Doctors without Borders), who will be discussing IIAB next month. James reported on Blue Trunk a library from the WHO., which could be digitised and make available via IIAB this should be coordinated with See also

12. Daniel reports on the Sage Assembly - Sage Bionetworks are an organization that aims to accelerate health research through open systems, incentives and standards. They'll have their next annual conference in Seattle from April 19 – 21, 2018. Participation is by invitation only, but the organizers are open to suggestions. Limited sponsorship for early-career individuals will be available. Daniel has attended in the past, is likely to attend again and is happy to help other Wikimedians get in touch with the Sage community, or to highlight biomedicine-related Wikimedia initiatives there.

  • Action: Shani will email the GeneWiki group.
  • Action: Shani will send an update email to the mailing list, asking people to help with Mix'n'match, update about supporting strategy, ask people to participate. Also ask who's interested in locally selling IIAB.
  • Action: James to send Shani details on the DDD bot. -> Shani to speak with Eran (Tobias might get to it this week)
  • Action: Shani will send a doodle for the next board meeting. When set, willl send a link to hangout on air.