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This is a report of activities of Wiki Project Med Foundation for 2021. It is not a complete list of everything we have done this year but represents a highlight of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage involvement by further individuals within the wider membership.



Mirroring has gone live, such that any article missing from within MDWiki, will automatically show the latest version from Wikipedia.

NC Commons

We launched NC Commons which accepts NC and ND licensed material. We have more than 250K media files. That material can now be directly used within MDWiki similar to the use of material from Commons.


We are the primary supporter of VidewoWiki. We have created a Video namespace on MDWiki and have a top tab between "Article" and "Talk" on each article for these video scripts.


We began making ZIMs of MDWiki in Apr of 2021.[1]

Offline apps

We have began updating other languages of the app to the new introductory page format. For example in Japanese and Hindi.


We developed a new translation dashboard and workflow in preparation for relaunch of the Translation Task Force. This allows easy translation of leads from MDWiki to other languages of Wikipedia. We also have a leaderboard that automatically tracks the number of articles people translate.

COVID efforts

An overview of our work in Medscape "How Wikipedia Fought COVID Misinformation".[1]


Release by ClinCalc of graphs of medication costs in the United States under an open license and mass upload.[2]


Project with Cochrane Skin [2]


Images released by WHO [3]

2021 Budget

Approved by vote of the board on Mar 12 2021.[4]

  • MDWiki $4,000
  • NC Commons $2,000
  • IIAB $100
  • VideoWiki $1,000
  • Accounting $1,500

Total: $8,600


All values are in USD.




  • VideoWiki 300 USD Apr 29th



  • Bank account:
  • Paypal:

Total: (from $20,115.97)

Previous reports

Reports (IRS)


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