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Attendees of the 2013 WikiProject Medicine meeting at WIkimania in Hong Kong

Wikimania 2013 is to be held in Hong Kong.

There is a list of meetups at

Medicine meetup


  • Process to become an official thorg
    • Ratify by laws (vote will occur the last week of Aug 2013). Agreed that membership will be based on 1) expressing a desire to join 2) agreeing with out mission 3) being involved with either projects or editing Wikipedia's medical content 4) no fees required. Membership will have the ability to elect the board
    • Open up membership based on the above


  • How to get funding, what is our purpose
  • Introductions
  • Opening membership now, needed for affcom. Want to have self perpetuating board.
  • Quarterly membership newsletter. Around 100 registered.
  • Most talk will occur on meta. Want wider community involved.
  • Want free membership, easier to manage. To vote for board based on activity. Want to avoid conflict in community. need to pass by laws.
  • Need to prepare new appertain for affcom. Want to be thematic organization. Non profit in NY, nee to get 401c3 from IRS. allows us to be a global organization for open medicine. work on relations globally with health organizations. WHO, Cochrane. Many organizations want a wikipedian in residence. We need to have an NGO to get funding, also WMF. The thematic organization can close the gap where other wiki organizations do not exist.
  • Photo op
  • Pubmed import app on commons, videos. Can be used on wiki articles. From PMC.
  • Want to promote open access. We want all clinical trials published and registered. Most of what is produced by US government is in the public domain. Other countries do not do this. Contradictory to idea of medicine.
  • Want to translate English articles to Arabic. Integrate with translators without borders. CC-BY-SA 4.0 coming in two weeks. India is hard to translate as not many words exist. Translating into 10 Indian languages now. Smaller languages will have simplified lead and that is it. *Everyone wants to associate with English. Many cultural and sociologic boundless exist.
  • Professional simplifiers. need to be easier to read. Need more simple wiki users. We need to make leads easy to read on all wiki's. Articles are determined to be simple is determined by many standards, no universal one. content rules. Need to teach outsiders how to use wiki and understand or needs. We are the best at getting people to connect on the translating articles.
  • We focus on treatments that are proven to work scientifically work. Give other treatments some info but not much. Add notable hospitals and scientists. need to incorporate more women into medical editing on wiki.
  • Determining how to determine qualify of articles and which gets translated. Bence joins. We need to focus on or goals, more active members, legal. Working on bylaws. Reiterating points from before. Affcom has for step process. Should we focus more on members. send bylaws to members.

--notes taken by Peter C.