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This is a report of activities of Wiki Project Med Foundation for 2023. It is not a complete list of everything we have done this year but represents a highlight of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage involvement by further individuals within the wider membership.

Projects and activities


MDWiki has received more than 260,000 edits since we started in July of 2020. This is an increase of more than 60,000 in the last year. There are more than 2,880 local content pages and 49,900 total pages. MDWiki has been responsive to public interest and prioritized revisions accordingly; Mpox, Strep throat, and appropriate antibiotic prescribing, among others.

In 2023 we received up to 236,000 unique visitors, who made 406,396 visits, to who we served up more than 18 million pages. This represented 342 Gb of traffic. There was an additional 72 million non-viewed traffic pages which represented 2.2 Tb of bandwidth.

NC Commons

Wikimania 2023 - The Case for NC Commons

We have collected a total of 1,198,046 images under NC and ND licenses as of the end of 2023.

We presented NC Commons at Wikimania in Singapore together with Stephen LaPorte and Douglas Scott.

NC Commons received up to 13,800 unique visitors, who made 21,800 visits, to 277,485 pages representing about 297 Gb of traffic. There was an additional 12 million pages of non-viewed traffic.



Wikimania 2023 - Internet-In-A-Box + Hardware Add-ons

In 2023 we distributed 16 devices at the cost of 50 USD for high income countries and 40 USD for low and middle income countries.

We (James Heilman, Suyash Dwivedi, and Tim Moody) presented on IIAB at Wikimania.


We continue to collaborate with Kiwix to produce an offline versions of MDWiki / Medical Wikipedia for use in our Android and iPhone apps and to be used in Internet-in-a-Box and other offline servers.

Our primary English WikiMed app for Android had a 66.4K installed audience and a Google play rating of 4.62.[1]


Translation dashboard for 2023.

In 2023 we carried out significant efforts to improve the functionality of our translation dashboard. Highlight are here. In 2023 we had 49 users, who created 1,062 articles composed of 217,696 words, with work carried out in 32 languages which garnered 927,212 pageviews. We are now up to nearly 3,000 English leads ready to be translated.

In early 2023 our collaboration with ProZ was featured in their newletter.[2]

We presented on the translation efforts at Wikimania in Singapore.

We additionally carried out efforts to calculate the impact of our prior EN WP improvements followed by translation efforts between 2011 and 2023. The material (1338 articles) resulted in about 20,000 articles, with work in more than 150 languages, by more than 3,250 translators. The resulting translations were viewed more than 3.7 billion times between July 2015 and June 2023.

User:Subas Chandra Rout translated the most articles in 2023 at 349. And we would like to specifically thank them for their amazing efforts over the years.


Efforts have stalled. We have tried to hire various programmers to reactivate the project but failed to do so in 2023. We hope to make progress in 2024.


Wikimania 2023 - Integrating Our World in Data into Mediawiki

We presented on the Our World in Data efforts at Wikimania together with Galder Gonzalez. We currently have OWID running on the wmcloud servers and have an extension to port this into MDWiki. Examples can be seen here.


Two page brochure for 2023 (extended)

We presented to staff at the NIH on Oct 16th, 2023 regarding our work around translation of health content on Wikipedia.

In Oct/Nov we developed a brochure to help explain our ongoing work and printed 250 of these for the Wiki North America Conference which Tim Moody attended.


  • Discussion of Wikidata and medicine at Wikimania.[3]


Board and Advisors

We ran elections for 4 board members in 2023, reelecting members until 2027.[4]

We brought on an additional special advisor with US financial expertise, Deb Rotman. And a special advisor with legal and copyright expertise, Michael Wolfe.

We are working to develop an Oversight Committee of the board to manage the day to day work of delivering on large grants the organization may receive.

To help with fundraising we have brought on Jake Orlowitz with WikiBluePrint.


Official membership in good standing stood at 69 at the end of 2023.

Charity status

In good standing.

2023 Budget

Approved by the board:

  • MDWiki and NC Commons $3,000
  • Translation $4,000
  • IIAB $100
  • VideoWiki $2,000
  • Accounting $200
  • Fundraising $1,000

Total: $10,300


Values are in the currencies indicated:


  • Amazon 26.67 USD
  • Donations via Venmo 87.86 USD (7 donors @WikiProjectMed)
  • Grants/checks 23,580.00 USD composed of
    • 17,200 USD from the World Health Organization
    • 4,000 USD from the WMF(Final report)
    • 1,800 USD from the CDC/NIOSH
    • 500 USD from Ascend Learning
  • American Giving $1,490.71
  • UK Online USD 34.24 USD
  • IIAB donations 789.12 USD
  • Other 5 USD

Total $26,125.56 USD

Other currencies

  • UK Online (JYP) 1,560
  • UK Online (CAD) 287.10 CAD


  • Skizzer hosting $2,127.61
  • Shipping $70.83 USD
  • Ibrahem $3,604.88 USD
  • Banking fees $2.08 USD
  • Brochure $224.85 USD
  • Paypal fees $27.11 USD
  • Google $0.12 USD
  • IIAB returns $40 USD

Total USD $6,097.48

  • Google 17.85 CAD

Year balance (net change)

20,028.08 USD / 1,560 JYP / 269.25 CAD / 0 EUR

Assets Dec 31st 2023


  • Bank 29,980.94 USD from 12,404.52 USD
  • Paypal
    • USD 9,231.09 from 6,867.39
    • CAD 346.44 from 77.19
    • EUR 3.01 from 3.01
    • Yen 1,560 from 0
  • Venmo 87.96 USD from 0 USD

Previous reports

Reports (IRS)

  1. "The ILAE Wikipedia Epilepsy Project // International League Against Epilepsy". Retrieved 11 December 2023.