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Jan 12th 2018 board meeting

Live broadcast started at 1:06 pm UTC




  • Shani Evenstein
  • Doug Taylor
  • James Heilman
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Carl Fredrik Sjöland
  • Lane Rasberry
  • Jennifer Dawson (JenOttawa)
  • William Hoos (Clinwiki)
  • Indira Godwa
  • Sam Zidovetski

Apologies: None.


Changes in board composition

The participants introduced themselves.

William spoke about the database that he's been creating. ClinWiki:

two sites here - structured data version of the United States

Clinical trials need a lot of work on Wikidata:

Shani continues to present Wikipedia editing programs for the Israeli and American medical programs at Sackler University.

Shani explained the difficulties we experienced over the last year or so with getting a quorate meeting, 12 members spread across many time-zones. Several long-serving members are stepping down and will be welcome to remain part of WPMEDF as special advisors.

Wiki Project Med has a 2017 annual report due. The draft is here. Wiki Project Med had quorum at this meeting and considered approving this. Instead, people requested more time, and now additions are due Monday 15 January. Everyone should get their additions in by then.

Shani asked Lane about potential administrative partnership between Wiki NYC and Wiki Project Med. Lane continued to state that this seems reasonable as both organizations have registration in New York state and because it seems likely that some of the admin which Wiki NYC does could easily include some reporting for Wiki Project Med. Lane said that there was a Wiki NYC meeting this weekend which would include discussing this and that he would report more at the Wiki Med meeting next month.


Doug has been treasurer since the inception, but until last year, we have had little or no income and expenditure. Now that we have started a large project (Internet-in-a-Box), we need easier access to our bank account which is based in NY. Doug has found it difficult to help with the bank in NY, and James Hare has become the contact to deal with our NY account in person and have switched roles with Doug, so James has become treasurer and Doug secretary. However, James Hare has not been active and it's difficult to continue without and active treasurer. James Heilman has agreed to become the Treasurer. WPMEDF can appoint a non-board member as Treasurer. The meeting ratified James Heilman as the Treasurer. Wiki Project Med's bylaws and New York state law permit the treasurer of a nonprofit organization to be someone not on the board. It was proposed that James Heilman be treasurer. There was a vote for this. Shani, Carl, Daniel, and Doug voted yes. This is quorum and passed so now James Heilman is treasurer.

Rep for WikimediaCon 2018

Wiki Project Med has two slots available to send two people to the Wikimedia Conference. Shani has put forward Doug, as an experienced representative of our group, and Jenny, as a new member. Jenny and Doug please register. <> James offered that if anyone had trouble registering then he was available to answer questions.

Financial update

Wiki Project Med has to file and report taxes. James has a 2017 filing.

In an email thread people commented that Guidestar, a service which scrapes and hosts nonprofit filings, does not have Wiki Med's 2015 tax filing. James suggested re-filing that. Lane asked about making 990 tax forms public online by uploading them to Commons. Lane noted that Wiki NYC, the WMF, and Wiki DC post their 990 forms online, but of course organizations not based in the United States would not do this. James, Shani, and Daniel agreed with this idea.

James said that Benevity is holding funding for Wiki Project Med - <> There was talk about what Wiki Med might do if it had any funding. As a starting point, the group discussed what it would do with a US$10,000 annual budget. The conversation went on to ask how anyone would feel about alloting US$5000 to Internet in a Box. There was general agreement that the Internet in a Box project merits this modest amount of funding and would have much more impact because of the material costs of this project. At the same time, everyone agreed that Wiki Project Med has operated for years with next to zero funding, and that if funding were available, then other people might propose other projects for funding. More specifically, we have between 5000-10000$ coming our way from donations. Shani offers to inverst half (5000$) in IIAB, and the rest for other purposes, like finance scholarships for conferences such as Wikimania, or hire contractors to do specific work.

Other updates

Wiki Indaba

Making ethics data FAIR Daniel expressed interest in identifying Wiki people who are interested in the data sharing aspects of the ethical review process of research and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process. Lane volunteered that he has experience and interest in this space and wants to participate.

CUGH Global Health Conference March 16-18 New York

Sam Zidovetzki presenting (Awesome conference - Lane presented Wikipedia at this in 2010 so Wiki Med has a long history with this)

Annual plan for 2018

Strategic priorities for 2018 - What should we be investing in -

  • Education
  • IIAB
  • Partnerships - cochrane
  • Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Wikidata
  • Emergency response
  • Conferences
  • Geneva Health Forum
  • CDC - disaster relief?
  • eHealth