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  • Doug Taylor
  • James Heilman
  • Shani Evenstein
  • Lane Rasberry
  • Daniel Mietchen


  • James Hare
  • Jake Orlowitz

Discussion points:

18:00 UTC

  • Banking
  • Summary of 2017
  • Renewing Membership for 2018
  • WMCON in April
  • Members' updates
  • Wiki NYC collaboration

1. Network for Good, a website, has been offering money to Wiki Project Med Foundation

Currently, US$400 is available to claim Probably these donations are incoming because of publicity around Internet in the Box

2. Problems with banking

Challenge to access US bank, Need James Hare for banking details - contact him Discussion about where we bank - WPMF is incorporated as an NGO in USA, which gives access to lots of donors. That really means that we are best to be banking in the USA. That requires a US citizen as Treasurer. James Hare is considering stepping down from the Board, but is willing to serve as treasurer as a non-director officer.

3. Collaboration with Wiki NYC?

Lane suggested that the NY chapter might be able to give some of their paid staff's time to do one-off jobs like annual tax returns. We could arrange a quid-pro-quo by helping out with NY's medical outreach projects. Lane will add info to this page when it's up - Wiki NYC would like Wiki Project Med input on school projects and if possible, Wiki Project Med endorsement / affiliation. Lane says no particular cost to this except volunteer labor; projects are established, stable, and ongoing at NYC-area medical schools.

4. Africa Center and AfroCROWD

Africa Center is an NGO based in NYC AfroCROWD is a Wikipedia community project based in NYC Lane will send an AfroCROWD invitation to an Black History Month event in NYC to James, who will forward it to his contact at the Africa Center

5. Update from James:

New version of Internet-in-a-Box available for download (32GB). Larger versions, 64GB and 128GB are under trial.

6. Membership:

We will send a mass email to everybody on the mailing list, asking them to confirm their membership. There will be an online form that they can fill in for their details. The membership list is kept in a restricted document and only Shani, James and Jake have access to it. Shani will send a New Year's greeting to the mailing list in January, giving a summary of our work in 2017, and asking people for their involvement.

8. Reporting

It is time for Wiki Project Med supporters to finalize reporting for 2017 Here is the report for 2017 - please add whatever you can, before December 29 December, please?

9. Who will Wiki Project Med send to the Wikimedia Conference?

WMCON - Berlin April - we have one delegate's place available. Monday Jan 15 is deadline. James is going as a WMF board member Jake Orlowitz might go as WMF staff person Doug might be going because of training involvement. Would be willing to be reserve for WPMEDF if needed. Who will go? Should a non-board member go? Some non-board members considered include Sam or Indira from Mt Sinai hospital in NYC or Jen Dawson from Cochrane who works with Cochrane

10. Discussion about who is on the board

General issue is that some current board members are highly active in wiki medical projects, but unable to commit time for Wiki Project Med organizational business Should people with less time remain on the board? General consensus - seek new board members who will engage in management of the organization, participation in organizational discussions, and governance Phase out board members who have less time for board business - they are welcome to remain involved in other ways, but replace them with members who can engage more Lane asked about being a board member - Lane volunteers to continue as non-board special advisor without sitting as board member

11. Next meeting provisionally scheduled

Tuesday 9 Jan


  • Changes in board composition - members stepping down and adding new board members
  • Treasurer role
  • Financial update - 2017 fiscal year and report on donations, including an update on collab with WM-NYC
  • Annual plan for 2018
  • Rep for WikimediaCon 2018.

Meeting closed 19:30 UTC