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Board meeting 2 was held on Saturday Dec 29, 2012 (7pm EST, New York) via Skype.


  • Introductions
  • Incorporation
  • Positions on the board
  • Banking (HSBC)
  • Membership fees
  • Bylaws
  • Aff comm



  • Doug proposed talking with Fae, his fellow member of Wikimedia UK and a members of the affiliations committee, to facilitate a talk with members of the Affiliations Committee so that
  • Doug proposed making as many links with other chapters as possible.
  • James raised the issue of conflicts of interest.
  • Doug said that Wikimedia UK, the Wikimedia Foundation, and some independent consultants are currently collaborating on a report on best practices for governance. When this is published, and it is expected before February 2013, it will be public and could be a model for Wiki Med as well as any other chapter.
  • James proposed doing independent projects for a few months before asking Affiliations Committee again for recognition. The purpose of this would be to give Aff Com some projects to review.
  • Lane noted that he was traveling to meet Wikimedia Bangladesh and Wikimedia India in January and February 2013
  • Translators without Boarders has a partnership with ProZ, which is a commercial company providing translation services. This company has donated staff time and services to WikiProjects Translation Task Force.
  • Lane said that he was interested in affiliating with a chapter and Wiki Med seemed like a good candidate for affiliation.
  • James said that he was hired in hiring an intern to do Translation without Borders/Translation Task Force translation facilitation. This person would receive $400 monthly for 6 months.
  • Doug said that Wikimedia UK is currently drafting a memorandum of understanding for Wikipedians in Residence. This draft is currently here
  • Anthony asked for clarification of the translation program. James explained it.
  • Anthony stated concerns about a conflict of interest policy. James proposed a split model conflict of interest policy - the bylaws would state the conflict of interest policy generally and refer to another guide, and the other guide would be more of a living and adaptable document to be regularly updated. Anthony said that he was interested in reading more about this and the upcoming Wikimedia UK report which Doug mentioned.
  • Jake asked about the nationalities of participants and asked about Daniel Mietchen. Lane stated that Daniel was Wikimedian in Residence at the Open Knowledge Foundation's German chapter and was multilingual.
  • Doug suggested that Wiki Med reach out to Wikimedia Deutschland for advice about Wiki Med
  • Jake asked about doing outreach in India with a spoken word policy
  • Doug asked about banking. He said that it was familiar to him to have 3 signatories, with 2 of those required to sign to disburse any money.
  • Doug and James said that Paypal among other payment methods should be used to accept membership fees.
  • Doug said that user:Kudpung joined Wikimedia UK, despite living in Thailand
  • Doug suggested that there should be someone coordinating communications. Jake said that he was interested in doing communication.
  • Brian asked about the pay for the translation intern. James said that the pay would be $400, which is what Translators without Borders recommends. Brian said that this was below US minimum wage standards. Lane suggested that this should go to review by the board before this internship goes lives. Brian shared this US guideline
  • Doug, Anthony, and James discussed Wikimedia outreach to medical schools