Atypical cartilaginous tumor

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Atypical cartilaginous tumor

Atypical cartilaginous tumor, also known as chondrosarcoma grade I, is a low-grade locally aggressive bone tumor of the cartilaginous type, with intermediate potential to become cancerous, arising from long and short tubular bones.[1][2][3]


Both atypical cartilaginous tumor and chondrosarcoma grade I are low grade cartilaginous tumours that appear identical when looking under the microscope.[4] When found in the central skeleton including the pelvis, scapula, and base of skull, it is termed chondrosarcoma grade 1, and when found in an arm or leg it is termed atypical cartilaginous tumor.[4]


The term atypical cartilaginous tumor arose as a new concept in the fourth edition of the WHO classification of bone tumours (2013).[4]


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