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Other names: Chondrodysplasia, skeletal enchondromatosis[1]
Enchondromatosis in fingers
SymptomsBone deformity, lump, broken bone[2]
TypesOllier disease, Maffucci syndrome,metachondromatosis[3]
Diagnostic methodMedical imaging.[1]
Prognosis40% risk of chondrosarcoma, increased risk of non-bone cancers[1]

Enchondromatosis is the presence of multiple enchondromas, occurring as part of Ollier disease, Maffucci syndrome, or metachondromatosis.[3] It has a tendency to affect short tubular bones of the hands and feet, but can occur in long bones, shoulder blades and hips.[3] It presents with bone deformity, lumps, or broken bone, typically in a child.[2]

Diagnosis is by medical imaging.[1]

Enchondromatosis is rare.[3] 40% develop chondrosarcoma, and there is an increased risk of non-bone cancers such as gliomas and mesenchymal ovarian tumours.[1]



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