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A report on activities for Wiki Project Med Foundation for the time period Nov 2014 to Dec 31st 2015.


We presented our work at Wikimania in Mexico. This included presentations by User:Doc James and User:CFCF about Wikipedia and Medicine as well as the medical translation project specifically.[1]


James Heilman and Sydney Poore were invited to join the Cochrane Colloquium in Vienna from Oct 1st to 7th of 2015. We had a one day Wikipedia Symposium were we were joing by fellow Wikipedians from Wikimedia Germany and Wikimedia Austria. During the event we held edit-a-thons in the main hall and gave talks about Wikipedia and medicine.[2] We, as in Wikipedia, remain one of their key partners.[3]


November 12 and 13 we had two days of meeting with NIOSH organized by their two Wikipedians in Residence, James Hare and Emily Temple-Wood. We brought a few prolific medical Wikipedians from WPMEDF to the events. The 14th, 16th, and 17th we meet with a number of groups at the NIH to discussion further potential collaboration. The en:National Cancer Institute has began giving two of their employees time to engage with Wikipedia.

Copy and paste bot

The copy and paste detection bot launch on all of English Wikipedia this year. We worked with User:Eran to improve the underlying data structure and user interface. The bot is now powered by a database. This generated some possitive press from Turnitin.[4] Which subsequently generated some further positive press for all involved.[5][6][7][8]

Efforts are still ongoing to improve the underlying bot and expand the community doing the follow up. It was chosen as a top 10 idea for the community tech team to improve further next year.[9]

Medical translation project

Our medical translation project continues. The number of short articles reader for translation increased from 68 to 268. We have been working with Wikimedia Taiwan and the National Taiwan University College of Medicine to translate this content into Chinese. A blog post about these efforts is published here.[10] In total more than 1,200 translations have been done.

Other press includes:[11][12][13][14]

We received a donation of a part time staff member (User:Lucas559) to support the translation efforts including funding for the staff to attend Wikimania in Mexico. User:CFCF additionally have received an IEG to support this work.[15]

In 2015 we began collaborating more with the "Content Translation" team. Specifically we have been working with them to develop "campaigns" within their software.

Offline app

In collaboration with Wikimedia CH we launch an app that included all of Wikipedia's medical, anatomy, and medication content in an offline format. The app has received high praise and been downloaded 1000 to 5000 times.[16] Efforts to launch it in other languages are underway.


We continue to work with UCSF, Mount Sinai, University of Waterloo, and the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. James Heilman gave lectures over three days at UCSF to both 4th year medical students and students in the school of pharmacy. The medical course had 15 students who spent four weeks working to improve content.[17] These efforts were carried out in partnership with the WikiEd Foundation and Prof Azzam. They received some press.[18]

The efforts in Israel are in partnership with Wikimedia Israel.

Enforcing our copyright

We were involved in finding a textbook published by the en:Oxford University Press which copied and pasted from Wikipedia. We wrote about it in the Signpost[19] and the story was picked up The Atlantic [20] along with the issue of the heads of marketing of a medical device manufacturers editing Wikipedia. The story was picked up by a few others.[21]

Academic publishing

Andrew West and James Heilman published an article which looked in depth at the readership, quantity of medical content, and editor numbers, among other factors across multiple languages of Wikipedia. It was published in the JMIR.[22] Following this they received an invite to write a blog post for the London School of Economics[23] and SignPost[24]

Other relationships


We received a release of videos from en:HealthPhone under an open license such that we can use them on Wikipedia. These videos covered important topics in indic languages such as breastfeeding.

We help support the establishment of two Wikipedian-in-Residence positions at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ( a division of the CDC ). Additionally we presented to AHRQ and OHSU.

We organized a donation of 300 account from Dynamed [25] for Wikipedia editors.

Nov 18th James Heilman presented our work to the Cochrane Hypertension Group and Therapeutics Initiative at the University of British Columbia.

We continue our collaboration with the en:Sustainable Sanitation Alliance. This has resulted in the creation of WikiProject Sanitation and the donation of more than 10,000 sanitation related images to Wikimedia Commons.[26] Their organization also moved to a CC BY SA license.[27]

Further press

Our efforts received coverage in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.[28]


In the fiscal year 2015 we raised no money and spent no money.

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