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This is a report of the activities of WPM:Wiki Project Med Foundation for the year 2019. While it is not a complete list of everything we have done this year, it represent some highlights of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage the involvement of other individuals within the wider membership.



Translation efforts

While efforts are ongoing, our ability to track the number of articles translated is limited and would required technical support.

The University of Virginia is organizing part of the SWASTHA project, which is an effort to develop health articles in English Wikipedia then translate them into languages of India for publication into those respective languages of Wikipedia.

  • Nitnaware, Himanshu (27 December 2019). "Wiki India calls medical experts to write". Pune Mirror.

WikiMed Taiwan

WikiMed Taiwan translated 143 abstract, 38 complete articles, and 10 template into Chinese in 2019. We also built peer review system this year.

As of the end of 2019, WikiMed Taiwan had translated 578 abstract since it was founded at 2014.

World Health Organization

In 2019 we continued to collaborate with the World Health Organization around Essential Medicines. This resulted in the eEML being released under a CC BY 3.0 license and including links to Wikipedia.[1]

National Institutes of Health / Center for Disease Control


Rotary club

We have begun working with Rotary International. In early 2019 they purchased 50 units of Internet-in-a-Box to distribute to their projects in India. Discussions are ongoing regarding further efforts.


Wiki Project Med Foundation is involved in both coordinating develop of and funding for VideoWiki.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

In 2019 the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute appointed user:FULBERT as their first Wikimedian in Residence.

The organization funded a 2018-2020 project titled, Integrating Patient-centered Outcomes Research into Wikipedia: An Initiative to Increase Capacity and Build Partnerships.


  • Coordinating Health space at Wikimania in Sweden. This included more than a dozen talks over 2.5 days.

Video cut tool

Video cut tool was developed as part of a GSoC and launch in 2019 / 2020.

Event and short-term project collaborations



  1. Global health in the age of open access information, a February 2019 presentation at the National Federation of Advanced Information Services
  2. Wiki Loves Pride, a June 2019 wiki editing event at Metropolitan Museum of Art was a general New York City-based event for LGBT+ topics and featured local health organizations promoting LGBT+ health editing


  • Brezar, Aleksandar; Heilman, James (2019). "Readability of English Wikipedia's health information over time". WikiJournal of Medicine. 6 (1): 7. doi:10.15347/wjm/2019.007.
  • Weiner, Shira Schecter; Horbacewicz, Jill; Rasberry, Lane; Bensinger-Brody, Yocheved (18 March 2019). "Improving the Quality of Consumer Health Information on Wikipedia: Case Series". Journal of Medical Internet Research. 21 (3): e12450. doi:10.2196/12450.


The Cure Award was handed out to all editors who made more than 250 edits to medical content in the prior year.

Content distribution


In 2019 we shipped 80 devices. We have also fully transitioned to shipping 128 Gb versions that generally contain all of English Wikipedia among other languages (rather than just medical content).

We have been working with the WMF and Africa Center on a project to look at the utility and feasibility of IIAB in Nigeria. We have finished the project and are now analysing the data.

In November 2019, 3 IIAB units were given as prizes for health care professional participants in a science writing workshop at Makerere University. Recipients were selected by Nelson Sewankambo and his local faculty colleagues, based on performance in the course. The participants reported that they often work in outlying locations without Internet access, so they were very appreciative after participating in a demo of IIAB. Further reports to follow on usability, feedback.


  • Super Awesome Science Show Mar 18th, science in translation.[7]
  • Our work was mentioned on Global News after a pod cast on the Super Awesome Science Show.[8]



On 29th of February, the membership stood at 177.

Application to become a Thematic Organization

Following a meeting with AffCom at the 2018 Berlin WikiConference, we made an application to become a thematic organisation, documented at Wiki Project Med/Application. Over the course of the next twelve months, we worked with AffCom to ensure that any issues arising were dealt with, and WikiProject Med Foundation was granted the status of thematic organisation on 26 July 2019, and it was agreed that we would be known within the movement as "Wikimedia Medicine".

Elections to the Board

Elections were conducted in February-March 2019, initially for five seats on the Board. As a sixth seat became vacant during the election, it was agreed to offer the seat to the sixth successful candidate. The following members were elected, or re-elected to the Board:

  1. Shani Evenstein
  2. Diptanshu Das
  3. Mossab Banat
  4. Tim Moody
  5. Doug Taylor
  6. Stuart Ray

See Wiki Project Med/Board/Election 2019 for full details.


2019 990 EZ for Wiki Project Med Foundation


  • Paypal Giving fund $US 265.11
  • IIAB partners $US 2,750.13
  • Other $US 29.95

Total: $US 3,045.19


  • (Tech) Feb 17th 2019 $80 USD payment to User:Fz-29 for writing a bot for moving references out of infoboxes on Wikipedia (as they break the translation tool)
  • (IIAB) Feb 24th 2019 $2,348.17 payment to HiPi industries for Raspberry Pi Zero W boards (160 units) and some SD cards
  • (Tech) May 5th 2019 $580.00 USD payment towards programming costs of VideoWiki (to User:Hassan.m.amin)
  • (Tech) May 30th 2019 $850.00 USD payment towards programming costs of VideoWiki (to User:Hassan.m.amin) via Preetam Hegde/Pratik Shetty
  • Paypal fees $US 97.41

Total: $US 3,955.58


  • Bank accounts: $US 854.11
  • Paypal: $US 7,101.73

Total: $US 7,955.84 (down from $US 8,866.23 in 2018)

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