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This is a report of activities of WPM:Wiki Project Med Foundation for 2017. It is not a complete list of everything we have done this year but represents a highlight of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage involvement by further individuals within the wider membership.



Cochrane has hired a part time editor to help keep Cochrane reviews on Wikipedia up to date. We are seeing extensive and ongoing high quality edits coming from this collaboration. There is continued high level support within their organization to grow this collaboration. A community made bot is tagging Cochrane reviews that are out of date with the newer version that should replace it.

Translation efforts

In partnership with Translators Without Borders

  • 2012 1,046,849 words, value $209,370
  • 2013 1,922,202 words, value $384,220
  • 2014 906,006 words, value $181,201
  • 2015 539,631 words, value $107,926
  • 2016 966,243 words, value $193,249

Total 5,380,931 words, a value of $1,075,966

>1,000 English articles ready to be translated (represents more than one million words of text)

Rubric continue to translate articles into 16 languages. This year they concentrated their efforts on 7 (Postpartum infections, Birth control, Childbirth, Abortion, Pregnancy, Female genital mutilation)

World Health Organization

In 2017 we finished updating the lead of all 437 medication articles on the. The WHO released the list under an open license (CC SA 3.0 IGO) to make the collaboration possible. The list was also brought to featured list status on EN WP.


The (ILAE) has created a group to edit Wikipedia. They are collaborating with Shani Evenstein's class of medical students. They also presented at Wikimania.


  • UCSF efforts continue[1] We had our largest class launch this year with 40 students.
  • TAU efforts at Sackler School of Medicine continue for the fifth year in the Israeli Med Program with 33 med students participating in the Wiki-Med elective course. In addition, a second WikiMed elective has opened for the first time in the American Med program at Sackler. This elective will spread over 2 year, with the hopes of students doing some related research in their second year of the elective. The second elective is run with the support of WikiEd, and in collaboration with Dr. James Heilman, Dr. Amin Azzam and the ILAE.
  • Queen's University starting an elective in Sept of 2017.
  • Others that we are supporting are listed here


285 videos created by Osmosis and within Wikipedia. Efforts are ongoing to translate the subtitles into other languages. Have worked with them to develop a video to help guide new student editors.[2]


We facilitated the release of ~220 ultrasound videos and images from Ultrasound of the Week under an open license.




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Content distribution

Offline Medical Wikipedia apps

The English Android Offline Med App in 2017

App details have been moved to meta to facilitate translation and recognize the multilingual nature of the efforts.

Consensus for the use of small templates in the external links section to raise awareness on EN WP has been gained.[3]

While active installs of the EN version have stagnated at about 58K, the overall ratings of the app remain high at about 4.7. Active installs of other languages however continues to increase. New and smaller version has been launched.


An example of Internet in a box

We have been collaborating with Internet-in-a-Box since Wikimania in Italy in 2016. We are supporting both its development and launch in a number of locations.

We have produced about 100 devices. Efforts are ongoing to raise awareness regarding their existence.

We are in discussion with MSF (Halim) with respect to collaborating on this. We are working on a version in the languages of South Asia.

Spoke out in opposition to the Turkey ban

The drafted statement was supported by more than 15,000 people.[4]


We have drafted an overview of our work for fundraising purposes.[5]

Recognition of all editors who made more than 250 edits to a medical article (regardless of the language they are working in) was distributed in April of 2017 for the 2016 editing year. Top editors listed here. The Cure Award has also been translated into 6 other languages.


  • Significant progress has been made this year to update the EN Wikipedia infoboxes to human readable content. New infobox is used in more than 1,500 articles.[6]
  • New ways of engaging with Wikidata have been explored, including participating in WikidataCon 2017 and WikiCite 2017, exploring a collaboration with Gene Wiki and giving medical-related WD assignments to students (Tel Aviv University), and indexing and annotating the biomedical literature in Wikidata, with the Zika corpus serving as a showcase.
  • Preparation of a series of workshops on Wikimedia and emergency response, which is to start in 2018.



  • Throughout 2017, 72 new members joined our user group.
  • A new process for accepting new members has been devised and implemented, so new members are automatically signed up for the general mailing list, as well as receive a welcome email with important links.
  • The board has decided that as of 2018, membership should be renewed yearly. A Google form will be sent at the beginning of the year, in order to have an updated yearly list of members, rather than only a general list of all members throughout the years. This decision is specifically relevant in relations to elections, as well as proper registration as an organization in accordance with US laws. Access to members' list remains restricted and highly guarded, with only 3 board members having access to these records.


Lucas has finished up working with us and has moved on to teaching high school students full time.


In 2017, we elected a new board of directors. The board later voted on changing the bylaws so that elections will run every 2 years, instead of yearly. This decision was made considering that we are an international organization and it takes time for new board members to get involved and have an impactful activity. It was decided that a 2-years term will serve the organization better, rather than having changes yearly.

Legal support

We are actively working to recruit further legal support.


Taxes submitted to IRS for 2016 (income and expenses both zero)

Thank you letter for donations[7] sent out to a few folks.


  • Donations: We raised $1,131 USD for 2017
  • JH donated $4,003.18 CAD for IIAB hardware and shipping supplies

Total: $5,134.18


  • We spent: $733.84 USD on IIAB hardware
  • We paid: $44.59 USD in paypal fees
  • We gave away: $4,003.18 in IIAB

Total: $4,781.91


  • $352.57 (Paypal Dec 31st, 2017)


We have signed up for

Previous reports

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