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This is a report of activities of Wiki Project Med Foundation for 2020. It is not a complete list of everything we have done this year but represents a highlight of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage involvement by further individuals within the wider membership.


Moved to a new website

This year we moved to our own instance of MediaWiki.


ILAE has recruited a Wikipedian in Residence to support their work with us. They are recruiting more editors to engage.[1]


Flattening the curve
efforts featured in Wikimedia Deutschland's summer report

A number of us spoke about the work of Wikipedia with respect to coronavirus which was picked up by Wired.[2]

We worked to get release of graphics to illustrate the importance of efforts to prevent the outbreak.

A Slate article on the work on COVID19.[3]

DailyDot Meet the Wikipedia editors fighting to keep coronavirus pages accurate Why Wikipedia is winning against the coronavirus 'infodemic'

Why Wikipedia Is Immune to Coronavirus

Our World in Data

Mass upload to Commons.[4]



Creative Commons

Supporting them in discussion of copyright for COVID19 material.[5]


Clarified and extended our partnership with HealthPhone.[6]


Coverage of WPM:IIAB on the BBC World Service.[1] We shipped 16 devices this year bringing the total distributed to bring the total since 2017 to about 230.


The World Health Organization has agreed to adopt an open license for some of their material.[7][8]

Wikimedia community organization

Due to COVID-19 the usual Wikimedia in-person gatherings could not convene. There was no Wikimedia Summit or Wikimania this year.

This organization was a signatory to the Meta:Community open letter on renaming





Previous reports



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