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MR vaccine

The MR vaccine is a vaccine that protects against measles and rubella.[1] Two doses are usually given at least one month apart.[2] In countries where measles cases are higher, the first dose is recommended at 9 months of age.[2] In other countries it is typically offered between 12 and 15 months of age.[2] In children at high risk of severe measles, the vaccine can be given at 6 months of age with a second dose at 9 months.[2] It is given by injection under the skin.[3]

Side effects are generally mild, temporary and except for allergic reaction are less likely after the second dose.[2] Redness, swelling and pain can occur at the site of injection.[2] A fever may occur typicallybetween 7 and 12 days after a dose.[2] Between 7 and 10 days after a dose, a rash may appear, typically lasting around 2 days.[2] Rare side effects include bruising due to low platelets and an allergic reaction.[2] The vaccine is not recommended in pregnancy, but if inadvertently given, has not been shown to cause harm to the baby.[2] If planning a pregnancy, then it is best to wait at least a month after a dose.[2] It is not safe to give to people with a severely weakened immune system.[2]

Mumps has not been targeted for global elimination, and the MR vaccine is preferred in countries where mumps is not a priority.[1] The MR vaccine was introduced in India in 2017 as part of a mass campaign to eliminate measles and CRS caused by rubella.[4] Around 150 million doses of an Indian-made MR vaccine are available globally, except in Europe.[1] Until given, the vaccine should be kept cold but not frozen.[2]


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