Triquetral fracture

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Triquetral fracture
Other names: Triquetrum fracture
Triquetral avulsion fracture as seen on lateral X-ray of the wrist
SpecialtyHand surgery
SymptomsWrist pain and swelling[1][2]
ComplicationsStiffness, instability[3]
TypesDorsal cortical, body, palmer cortical[4]
Diagnostic methodX-rays[3]
Differential diagnosisLunate dislocation, pisiform fracture, trapezium fracture, hamate fracture[4]
TreatmentCasting, surgery[3][1]
PrognosisGenerally good[3]

Triquetral fracture is a break of the triquetral bone of the wrist.[3] Symptoms include pain in the wrist.[1] This is often worsened by bending the wrist forwards or backwards and swelling over the back of the wrist maybe present.[4][2] Associated injuries may include a perilunate dislocation.[4] Complications can include stiffness or instability of the wrist.[3]

It most commonly occurs as a result of a fall onto the hand or being pulled appart by an attached ligament.[3] Other causes may include a direct blow.[1] Diagnosis is generally based on wrist X-rays, though CT scaning can also be useful.[3] Types include dorsal cortical (most common), body, and palmer cortical.[4]

Treatment is generally by casting for 4 to 6 weeks.[3] If the peices are seperated, surgery maybe indicated.[1] Outcomes are generally good with dorsal cortical fractures, while in palmer cortical fractures it may be mixed.[3]

Triquetral fractures represent about 15% of breaks of bones within the wrist, making it the second or third most common after scaphoid and lunate fractures.[3][2][1] They were first described at least as early as 1933 by Thompson.[5]


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