Lunate dislocation

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Lunate dislocation
Other names: Isolated lunate dislocation[1]
A lateral X-ray of the wrist showing a lunate dislocation
SymptomsWrist pain and swelling[2]
ComplicationsMedian nerve injury[1]
CausesSignificant trauma, with bending back of the wrist[3]
Diagnostic methodX-rays[1]
Differential diagnosisPerilunate dislocation[3]
TreatmentJoint reduction followed by splinting, surgery[1]

A lunate disclocation is a type of wrist dislocation where the lunate is rotated and out of place.[3] Symptoms include wrist pain and swelling.[2] It is variable whether or not the wrist appears abnormal.[2] Complications may include injury to the median nerve.[1]

The underlying cause generally involves significant trauma, with bending back of the wrist.[3] Diagnosis is generally by X-rays; though, up to 25% of the time they are missed.[1]

Management generally requires surgery.[4] Though, joint reduction followed by splinting may be carried out before surgery occurs.[2] Surgery may occur 3 to 5 days later as long as the radial nerve is normal and the join reduced.[1] In those who are treated rapidly, outcomes are generally reasonable, though osteoarthritis is common.[2]

A lunate dislocation is uncommon.[2] When it occurs, typically younger people are affected.[1] Early descriptions dates from the 1940s by Russell.[5][6]


An AP Xray showing a lunate dislocation


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