Trapezium fracture

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Trapezium fracture
Undisplaced fracture of the right trapezium
SpecialtyHand surgery
SymptomsPain at the base of the thumb and with thumb movement[1][2]
ComplicationsArthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist stiffness[3]
TypesBody, trapezial ridge, fracture dislocations[3]
CausesForces transmitted through the thumb, being pulled upon by the transverse carpal ligament[3]
Diagnostic methodX-ray, CT scan[3]
Differential diagnosisOs paratrapezium[4]
TreatmentCasting, surgery[3]
PrognosisGenerally good[3]
Frequency4% of wrist fractures[2]

Trapezium fracture is a break of the trapezium bone in the wrist. Symptoms typically include pain at the palm side of the wrist at the level of the thumb.[1] There is also typically pain with thumb movement.[2] Often there are other wrist bone fractures.[3] Complications may include arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and wrist stiffness.[3]

The typically result from forces transmitted through the thumb, or being pulled upon by the transverse carpal ligament.[3] Types include body, trapezial ridge, and fracture dislocations.[3] Diagnosis is generally by X-ray or CT scan.[3]

If the peices are well aligned an orthopedic cast, specifically a thumb spica for 4 to 6 weeks may be used.[3] Otherwise surgery is typically required.[3] Outcomes are generally good with appropriate treatment.[3] Trapezium fractures represent about 1 to 5% of breaks of bones within the wrist.[3]


The fracture may be best seen on an oblique wrist X-ray, but some may not be visible on plain X-ray.[3] Carpal tunnel views or CT scan can be useful in unclear cases.[4]


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