Hamate fracture

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Hamate fracture
Fracture through the hook of the hamate
SpecialtyHand surgery
SymptomsPain front of wrist in line with little finger[1]
ComplicationsInjury to the ulnar nerve or artery[1]
TypesHook, body[1]
CausesInjury during racket sports, baseball, or golf; fall onto the hand[1][2]
Diagnostic methodX-rays, CT scan[1]
TreatmentCasting, surgery[1]
Frequency2% to 5% of wrist fractures[1]

Hamate fracture is a break of the hamate bone in the wrist. Symptoms include pain in the front of the wrist in line with the little finger.[1] It is made worse by gripping an object.[1] Complications may include injury to the ulnar nerve and clotting of the ulnar artery.[1]

The cause is typically injury during racket sports, baseball, or golf or a fall onto the hand.[1][2] Types include hook (most common) and body (proximal pole, medial tuberosity, sagittal oblique, and dorsal coronal).[1] Diagnosis is typically by X-rays, but may require special views such as a carpal tunnel or supinated oblique view; or a CT scan.[1]

Treatment when the bones of well aligned is generally orthopedic casting for 4 to 6 weeks; though there is a high risk of it not healing.[1] Otherwise surgery is indicated.[1] For hook fractures surgery generally involves removal of the hook.[1] Hamate fractures represent about 2% to 5% of breaks of bones within the wrist.[1][2]


Reformatted CT of wrist with hamate fracture


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