Pisiform fracture

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Pisiform fracture
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A pisiform fracture
SpecialtyHand surgery
SymptomsWrist pain on the side with the little finger[1][2]
ComplicationsArthritis, avascular necrosis[1][3]
TypesTransverse, parasagittal, comminuted, pisiform-triquetral impaction[1]
CausesDirect hit, repetitive injury[1]
Diagnostic methodMedical imaging[2]
Differential diagnosisHamate fracture, flexor carpi ulnaris tendonitis[2]
TreatmentCasting, surgery[1][2]
PrognosisGenerally good[2]
Frequency<2% of wrist fractures[1]

Pisiform fracture is a break of the pisiform bone of the wrist. Symptoms include wrist pain on the side with the little finger.[1][2] They may occur in association with other wrist bone fractures, injury to the ulnar nerve, or ulnar artery.[4][5] Complications may include arthritis and avascular necrosis.[1][3]

The cause is generally the wrist being directly hit, such as may occur during sports, falling on an outstretched hand, or from repetitive injuries.[1][5] It may also occur as an avulsion fracture.[1] Types are transverse, parasagittal, comminuted, and pisiform-triquetral impaction.[1] Diagnosis is generally by X-rays, though specific views may be required.[1] CT scan may be bone to rule out other injuries.[6]

Treatment may include orthopedic casting for 4 to 6 weeks or surgery.[1][3] Surgery may involve placing a screw or removing the pisiform itself.[4] Outcomes are generally good.[2]

Pisiform fractures represent less than 2% of wrist bone fractures.[1][5] It is the rarest broken wrist bone along with the trapezoid.[6] The fracture was initially described in 1908.[7]


The fracture may be better see on a specific wrist X-ray known as a carpal tunnel view or a lateral view with 30 degrees of supination.[4]


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