Trapezoid fracture

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Trapezoid fracture
Nondisplaced fracture through the lateral trapezoid bone
SpecialtyHand surgery
SymptomsWrist pain inline with the index finger[1]
TypesDorsal rim, body[1]
CausesTrauma, direct blow, excessive forced bending of wrist[1]
Diagnostic methodX-rays, CT scan[1]
TreatmentCasting, surgery[1]
PrognosisGenerally good[1]
FrequencyLess than 1% of wrist fractures[1]

Trapezoid fracture is a break of the trapezoid bone of the wrist. Symptoms generally include wrist pain inline with the index finger.[1] They are often associated with other wrist fractures or dislocations.[1] Complications may include arthritis.[1]

Causes may include trauma, a direct blow, or excessive forced bending of the wrist.[1] Types are dorsal rim and body.[1] Diagnosis is typical by X-rays or CT scan.[1]

Treatment of fractures that are well aligned is by orthopedic casting for 4 to 6 weeks.[1] Otherwise surgery is generally indicated.[1] Outcomes appear to be generally good.[1] Trapezoid fractures represent less than 1% of wrist bone fractures.[1] It is the rarest broken wrist bone along with the pisiform.[2]


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