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Salmon patch
Other names: Naevus simplex;[1] unna neavus;[1] naevus flammeus simplex; nevus simplex
An example on the back of a child's neck
Diagnostic methodBased on the appearance[2]
Differential diagnosisNevus flammeus (port-wine stain), infantile haemangioma (strawberry nevus)[2]

Salmon patch, also known as naevus simplex, is a type of birth mark that presents as a flat patch of pink or red skin.[2][3] They become darker red with crying and turn pale when pressure is applied to the skin.[2] Areas commonly involved include around the eyes, scalp, and neck.[3] It is not associated with pain.[2]

It occurs as a result of small blood vessels in the skin widening.[2] Diagnosis is based on the appearance.[2] When it affects the back of the neck it is known as a stork bite and when it occurs around the nose or eyes it is known as an angel's kiss.[2] They are not technically naevi.[1]

They often improve and resolve by two years of age; though, when the back of the neck is involved about half of cases remain to some degree.[2] Laser therapy may be used in cases that do not resolve.[2] Regardless the condition is not serious.[2]

Naevus simplex affects about 40% of white babies.[2] Males and females are affected with similar frequency.[2]

Signs and symptoms

Types include:[4]


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