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This is a list of terminology relating to skin conditions.[1]

Skin terminology
Term Types Main sign Image
Acantholysis[1] Blister Pemphigus vulgaris (DermNet NZ pemphigus-vulgaris-18).jpg
Atrophy Frontal linear scleroderma 1.JPEG
Autoeczematization Autoeczematisation (DermNet NZ systemic-w-itchy-skin-31).jpg
Burrow Scabies-burrow.jpg
Blister Vesicle


[2] Smlp6860.jpg
Crust Impetigo with crusts
Comedo Open comedones (DermNet NZ acne-comedones-57-v2).jpg
Cyst Gardner syndrome (DermNet NZ lesions-cyst4).jpg
Erosion [3] Erosive oral lichen planus (DermNet NZ site-age-specific-s-elp5).jpg
Fissure Angular Cheilitis.JPG
Hyperkeratosis Flegel disease (DermNet NZ scaly-flegel2).jpg
Hyperpigmentation Melasma.png
Hypopigmentation Postinflammatory hypopigmentation after recovery from dengue-like rash in a patient with suspected COVID19. (DermNet NZ covid-postinflammatory-008).jpg
Lichenification[1] Lichen simplex chronicus 2.jpg
Macule PMC5138234 fphar-07-00467-g0001.png
Milia Eyelid milia (DermNet NZ milia-25).jpg
Morbilliform Morbilliform rash (DermNet NZ reactions-morbilliform1).jpg
Nodule Atypical fibroxanthoma (DermNet NZ lesions-afx4).jpg
Papule [2] Fibrous papule of the nose (DermNet NZ lesions-fibrous-papule2).jpg
Patch Vitiligo2.JPG
Petechiae Smaller than purpura[2] Purpura.jpg
Pimple Acne-face 38 (DermNet NZ acne-acne-face-acne-face-38).jpg
Plaque Classical violaceous polygonal plaques (DermNet NZ scaly-lp1).jpg
Purpura Larger than petechiae[2] Blueberry muffin baby.jpg
Pustule A pustule.jpg
Scale Pytriasis amintaceus new photo for good diagnosis,type of eczema,scales infiltration.jpg
Scar [4] Hypertrophic scar (DermNet NZ procedures-surgical-scar03).jpg
Serpiginous Larva Migrans Cutanea.jpg
Telangiectasia Dermoscopy nodular basal cell carcinoma.jpg
Ulcer Diabetic Foot Ulcer.jpg

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