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Vesicles due to eczema (DermNet NZ vesicles).jpg
Vesicles due to eczema
SymptomsVery small fluid-filled blister in skin[1]

A vesicle is a very small fluid-filled blister in skin.[1] It may have one cavity or several compartments.[1] The fluid may be clear or blood stained.[1] It may be dome shaped or have a central depression.[1] A vesicle may occur on its own, or there may be many, either dispersed irregularly or grouped in a line or cluster.[1] It may be present deep in skin or superficial.[2]

Vesicles may arise from small flat spots or small bumps.[3] If they merge they may form larger blisters.[3] Vesicles can burst and form into ulcers or fill with pus to become pustules.[3] Conditions that may present with vesicles include allergic reactions, shingles and herpes simplex.[3]

Signs and symptoms


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