Femoral head fracture

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Femoral head fracture
Computed tomography reconstruction of isolated right femoral head showed three-dimensional morhpology of fracture.
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Femoral head fractures are very rare fractures of the upper end (femoral head) of the thigh bone (femur). They are a very rare kind of hip fracture that may be the result of a fall like most hip fractures but are more commonly caused by more violent incidents such as traffic accidents


They are categorized according to the Pipkin classification based on the following bone fracture patterns:[1]

Pipkin classification type Description
I Fracture below the fovea; not involving weight-bearing surface of the head
II Fracture above the fovea; involving weight-bearing surface of the head
III Type I or II fracture with associated femoral neck fracture
IV Type I or II fracture with associated acetabulum fracture

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