Genital itch

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Genital itch
Other names: Vaginal itch, vaginal pruritus, perineal itch, vulvar pruritus
CausesInfectious: Yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, dermatophytosis, pediculosis pubis, scabies[1][2]
Skin diseases: Eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, lichen sclerosus[3]
Allergic or irritant: Latex condoms, spermicides, fragrances[3]
Others: Atrophic vaginitis[1]
Diagnostic methodBased on symptoms and examination[1]
TreatmentAvoiding irritants, loose clothing, based on underlying cause[2][3]
MedicationSteroid cream, antihistamines, estrogen cream[2]
FrequencyRelatively common[2]

Genital itch is a sensation of needing to scratch the genital area.[1] Often the term is restricted to itching of the vulva or vagina with anal itching being addressed separately.[1] Genital itching may be significant if it is prolonged, severe, or associated with abnormal vaginal discharge.[1] It can significantly affect a persons quality of life.[2]

In women common causes include a vaginal yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, allergic or irritant reactions, and atrophic vaginitis.[1] Common irritants include latex condoms, spermicides, and fragrances.[3] Other causes may include dermatophytosis, pediculosis pubis, scabies, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and lichen sclerosus.[1][2] Rarely it may result from vulvar cancer.[2] Diagnosis is generally based on the symptoms and examination.[1]

Treatment includes addressing the underlying cause if possible.[1] Other efforts involve avoiding potential irritants such as vaginal "cleaning" products and creams and wearing loose fitting clothing.[2][3] Washing with water and fragrance and color free soap along with the use of petroleum jelly maybe continued.[2] Steroid cream and antihistamines may be useful.[2] Estrogen cream applied to the area may be useful after menopause to address atrophic vaginitis.[2] It occurs relatively commonly in young girls and women.[2]


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