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A full list of the over 285 Wikipedias is available here.


A complete list of languages in which Wikipedia exists related to the number of speakers of said language can be found here: Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Translation task force/Stats

Total words translated by TWB

  • 2012 1,046,849 words, value $209,370
  • 2013 1,922,202 words, value $384,220
  • 2014 906,006 words, value $181,201
  • 2015 539,631 words, value $107,926
  • 2016 966,243 words, value $193,249
  • 2017

Total 5,380,931 words, value $1,075,966


These are templates that can be used to attribute content to the project, the translators and the integrators. It builds upon the Template:Mbox which may not always be installed. For the most part you may go ahead and install it yourself much like the required templates: Localization guide

Template Appearance
{{Translated page}}
The following Userboxes may be used to show that you are one of us!
Template Appearance
{{User WPMedTranslateNew}}
⚕This user is a member of the Medicine WikiProject Translation Taskforce. This person may be a new user recruited by Doc James, so please be nice.
{{User WPMedTranslate}}
⚕This user is a member of the Wiki Project Med Translation Taskforce.