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Translation Task Force


Template fixing

Polish Wikipedia example - Infobox disease works (though has a different name and parameters), but not a Template:TOC limit equivalent–shows as Szablon:TOC limit in red at the bottom right - typical of a missing template

Template fixing requires installing or fixing of templates on other language Wikis. This is required to make sure that articles display properly and have full functionality with links and images.

It is a non-language specific role, and requires some general knowledge of Templates and Modules and their use in Wiki mark-up.

Installing tempalates only needs to be once per Wikipedia, and is only needed on small or new Wikipedias. In the case you are on a larger Wikipedia and templates are not working it may be because they do not share the same format as the English ones. This can either be fixed or you can try to adapt the articles - a notable difficult Wikipedia is the Polish Wikipedia - see the Polish guide


Installing templates

Templates may be installed or they may be omitted/simplified. Some templates are important for references, and for linking to more information. We believe that these should not be deleted. Others such as TOC (table of content) can be removed.

Some template may be found on a hit and miss basis by going to the English Template page and looking for inter-wiki links.

In general templates should only be installed on small Wikis, while on larger Wikis a method should be developed, similar to the guide as has been done for Polish.

Link, reference and infobox templates are integral to the project, and need to be installed. Depending on certain prerequisites of the Wikipedia in question, the following templates should be copied and pasted (with a link in the edit summary to the English template page).

  • Step 1. Check if MediaWiki:Common.css is installed. If it isn't installed the page will appear blank. Installing this can only be done by an administrator on the target Wiki (or other editor with global permissions such as Stewards).
  • Step 2. Installing the rest of the templates & modules (See Resources).
  • An admin or steward can use the Import function to install several templates and modules automatically


The following templates & modules are needed for proper functions and aesthetic of the translated articles:


Get started

  • Please sign up here so that we can get in contact when there is new work
  • You can also start right away by using the resources!

Also feel free to contact CFCF or Doc James if you have any questions or need any additional guidance