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Posting jobs on Translators Without Borders

Instructional video
  1. Sign into gmail using the following credentials. You must use the Chrome web browser.
    Password: Wikipedia2001.
  2. Go to [1]
  3. As the project enter "Wikipedia Medical Translation Project"
  4. Determine which article you wish to have translated from this list. This tool while tell you which of the articles ready for translation are missing in your language.[2]
  5. Create a file for translation. Some currently formated ones are here.
    1. Go to the English article
    2. Hit the edit source button
    3. Copy the lead text into google documents
    4. Save the text as a docx file
    5. Attach the file
  6. Log in to using
    Username: Jmh649
    Password: wikipedia
  7. Select "Wikipedia's Core Health Content". Set the deadline at ~ 2 weeks from today.
  8. Select Narges Rasouli as the PM
  9. Add the following text under job instructions:
    "Your task is to translate a summary of an important health topic. This summary is made accessible to users of Wikipedia and thereby provides free, accurate, and timely health information (in their native language). It is very important that you read the Translator’s Manual (see supporting documents). Wikicode makes this translation a bit different than most. If you need help or have any suggestions, please use the 'Comments' feature in the workflow page. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License.
  10. Add the supporting material document which is found here."

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