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Templates & modules

I'm working through importing as many of the enwiki templates and modules as needed. Please make any requests for missing templates or modules below and I'll do my best to oblige. At present, I'm not looking at gadgets, and things like short descriptions are not really applicable. --Doug (talk) 17:22, 2 August 2020 (UTC)

Missing infrastructure

  1. Check that TemplateStyles is installed. See
  2. Install content handler for sanitized-css. See
  3. Check whether Scribunto has mw.wikibase library installed.


  •  Done Adding the histories. All the imported articles will need their histories added.
  •  Done(ticket) MDWiki servers too slow?

Other work

  •  Done [Mid] Fix ref toolbar 2.0[1]. It is visible under preferences -> gadgets but despite being turned on does not work.(ticket)
  •  Done [Mid] "Reference Tooltips: hover over inline citations to see reference information without moving away from the article text (does not work if "Navigation popups" is enabled above)"(ticket)
  •  Done Add "Video" namespace (ticket)
  •  Done [Mid] (ticket) Have the abbreviation "WPM:" automatically redirect to "WikiProjectMed:"
  •  Done [Mid] (ticket) Add gadget "CharInsert: add a toolbar under the edit window for quickly inserting wiki markup and special characters (troubles?)"
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Add sandbox tag
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Add extension
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Install "Math" extension
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Thank button
  •  Done [Med] (ticket) Add visual editor / parsoid
  •  Done [Mid] (ticket) Increase disk space
  •  Done [Mid] Build a bot to import redirects for all the pages currently imported
  •  Done [Low] Bot to fix double redirects
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Improve mobile appearance
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Get stl[2] and pdfs[3] to work
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Allow and set default size of images of 220px
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Improve citation tool within VE[4]
  •  Done [Low] Improve Youtube video formatting on mobile and desktop.[5][6] -> {{YoutubeWraper}} Format as seen at Gout
  •  Done [Low] (ticket) Add button to "Mark all changes as Seen" on watchlists
  •  Done [Mid] (ticket) Fix OAuth* Done [Low] (ticket) Change top tags from "Page" and "Discuss" to " Article" and "talk". Put video namespace between "article" and "talk" when that namespace is used.