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Hardware addons and box designs for Internet-in-a-Box

New Box design for public places

This design of IIAB hardware box is being developed by User Suyash Dwivedi to place it in public areas. This idea was shared and discussed in a skype session and during Wikimania 2019 in Sweden by Suyash Dwivedi with James Heilman and Tim Moody. The Box can be powered by a 5V 3Amps/12V 3Amps (optional with converter) adopter which can work on 220V/110V AC Supply. Provision for safe hardware shutdown via IR remote or two tactile switches also tested and included.


IIAB Sticker design for Raspberry PI4
Tim Moody, Doc James, and Suyash Dwivedi during Wikimania 2019
IIAB Sticker design for Raspberry PI3
Laser-cut Acrylic profile for Internet-in-a-box designed for Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3 B+