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Polyembryoma of the ovary 2.jpg
Polyembryoma of the ovary, H&E stain
SpecialtyOncology, gynecology
SymptomsLump in the tummy, early puberty, irregular menstrual cycle, pain[1]
Usual onsetTeenagers, young adults[1]
TypesOvarian, testicular[1]

Polyembryoma is a very aggressive form of germ cell tumor in the ovaries of females and testis of males, typically in teenagers and young adults.[1] It may present with a lump in the tummy, early puberty, or irregular menstrual cycle.[1] Some have pain.[1]

Why it occurs is not well understood.[1] Polyembryoma has features of both yolk sac tumour and undifferentiated teratoma/embryonal carcinoma, with a characteristic finding of embryoid bodies lying in a loose mesenchymal stroma.

It is very rare.[1] It has been reported in association with Klinefelter syndrome.[2]


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