Pagetoid reticulosis

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Pagetoid reticulosis
Pagetoid reticulosis (DermNet NZ mycosis-fungoides-10).jpg
Pagetoid reticulosis

Pagetoid reticulosis (also known as "acral mycoses fungoides",[1] "localized epidermotropic reticulosis",[1] "mycosis fungoides palmaris et plantaris",[1] "unilesional mycosis fungoides",[2] and "Woringer–Kolopp disease"[1]) is a cutaneous condition, an uncommon lymphoproliferative disorder, sometimes considered a form of mycosis fungoides.[1]: 734 

Symptoms and Signs

Lesions emerge as well-demarcated psoriasiform or hyperkeratotic patches and plaques, with a central clearing and an elevated border.[3] Pagetoid reticulosis is a very slow progressive variant of mycosis fungoides and is usually localized unlike the latter.[4]



The most common method of treatment includes radiotherapy and/or surgical excision.[5]

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