Tumors of the fallopian tube

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Tumors of the fallopian tube
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The fallopian tube is the origin of a significant number of cancers of the ovary and peritoneum, and other tumors of the fallopian tube.[1] It plays an important role in the spread of uterine tumors to the ovaries and peritoneum, and the spread of ovarian tumors to the lining of the uterus.[1][2]


Epithelial tumors

Epithelial tumors[1]
Type Description
Serous adenofibroma and papilloma
Serous borderline tumor
High-grade serous carcinoma
Endometrioid carcinoma

Tumor-like lesions

Tumor-like lesions
Types Description Image
Paratubal cysts
Tubal hyperplasia
Tubo-ovarian abscess
Salpingitis isthmica nodosa
Metaplastic papillary lesion
Placental site nodule
Mucinous metaplasia
Endosalpingiosis Endosalpingiosis1.png

Other tumors of the fallopian tube

Type Description


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