Placental site nodule

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Placental site nodule
Placental site nodule - intermed mag.jpg
Micrograph of a placental site nodule (top of image). H&E stain.

A placental site nodule (PSN) is a benign remnant from a previous pregnancy.[1]


They are typically asymptomatic and found incidentally.[1]


PSNs are intermediate trophoblastic remnants.


PSN are diagnosed by examining the tissue under a microscope, usually obtained with a dilation and curettage.

Typically, they consist of pink (hyaline) material using the standard stain and contain few cells. Bizarre multinucleated cells may be present; however, there is no mitotic activity. The differential diagnosis includes (cervical) squamous cell carcinoma, gestational trophoblastic disease, and exaggerated placental site.


PSN are benign. Once removed, they do not require any treatment and do not recur.

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