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Acneiform eruptions are skin conditions that may appear like acne.[1][2] Unlike true acne, most lack blackheads and whiteheads.[3]

Name Signs and symptoms Image Notes
Acne cosmetica [1]
Acne mechanica [1]
Atrophodermia vermiculata [1] Atrophoderma vermiculata (DermNet NZ acne-keratosis-pilaris-3).jpg
Chloracne [1] Blackheads and cysts (DermNet NZ acne-chloracne2).jpg
Drug-induced acneiform eruption Facial acne (DermNet NZ acne-acne-face-acne-face-29).jpg
Gram negative folliculitis Gram negative folliculitis (DermNet NZ acne-gramneg).jpg
Halogen acne Pustules due to potassium iodide (DermNet NZ treatments-s-pot-iodide).jpg
Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei Acne agminata around eyelid (DermNet NZ site-age-specific-s-eyelid-29).jpg
Periorificial dermatitis Perioral dermatitis (DermNet NZ acne-perioral-dermatitis-3413).jpg
Polymorphous light eruption Polymorphous light eruption (DermNet NZ reactions-s-pmle3).jpg
Pomade acne [1] PMC5419061 gr3.png
Pseudofolliculitis barbae Pseudofolliculitis Barbae.jpg
Rosacea Rosacea (DermNet NZ acne-red-face-3626).jpg
Secondary syphilis Secondary syphilis (DermNet NZ bacterial-syph8).jpg
Steroid acne Steroid acne.png
Tuberous sclerosis Angiofibromas in tuberous sclerosis (DermNet NZ systemic-s-tuberous-sclerosis07).jpg

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