Atrophodermia vermiculata

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Atrophodermia vermiculata
Other names: Acne vermoulante, Acne vermoulanti, Atrophoderma reticulata symmetrica faciei, Atrophoderma reticulatum, Atrophoderma vermiculata, Atrophoderma vermiculatum, Atrophodermia reticulata symmetrica faciei, Atrophodermia ulerythematosa, Atrophodermie vermiculée des joues avec kératoses folliculaires, Folliculitis ulerythema reticulata, Folliculitis ulerythematous reticulata, Folliculitis ulerythemosa, Honeycomb atrophy, Ulerythema acneforme and Ulerythema acneiforme
Atrophodermia vermiculata

Atrophodermia vermiculata presents with small reddish bumpss on the cheeks in childhood and, with time, the lesions develop into pit-like depressions.[1]: 762 [2]: 714 [3]: 1511 

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