Trichostasis spinulosa

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Trichostasis spinulosa
Trichostasis spinulosa
SymptomsMultiple small black dots on forehead and nose[1]
Risk factorsKidney failure[1]
Diagnostic methodAppearance by dermoscopy[1]
TreatmentPore-cleansing strips[1]

Trichostasis spinulosa appear as multiple small black dots on typically the forehead and nose.[1] They are hair follicles filled with funnel-shaped, horny plugs that are bundles of vellus hairs, and appear like blackheads.[1]

People with kidney failure may be at greater risk of having them.[1] Diagnosis is by its appearance under a dermatoscope.[1] Treatment options include pore-cleansing strips.[1]

It is common but rarely diagnosed.[2]

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