List of skin conditions due to viral infection

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This is a list of skin conditions due to viral infection.[1][2]

Group Types Sub-types Signs and symptoms Image Management
Viral exanthems[1] Enteroviral vesicular stomatitis

(Hand, foot, and mouth disease)

Erythema infectiosum[1]

(Fifth disease, slapped cheek)

Roseola infantum[1]

(Sixth disease)


(German measles)

Viral exanthem, cause unknown
Picornavirus infections presenting in the skin or mucous membranes
Skin conditions with suspected viral cause[1] Pityriasis rosea[1] Macule: multiple, oval, scaly, pink[3]

Herald patch[3]

Papular purpuric gloves and socks syndrome[1]
Infantile papular acrodermatitis[1]
Skin condition from systemic or distant viral infection[1] Necrolytic acral erythema[1]
Hairy leukoplakia[1]
Pox viruses[1] Buffalopox[1]
Milker's nodule
Molluscum contagiosum[2]
Human herpes[1] Herpes simplex HSV-1
Eczema herpeticum[4]
Varicella zoster[1] Chickenpox
Herpes zoster (HHV-3)
Ophthalmic zoster
Disseminated zoster
Human papillomavirus infection of skin or mucous membrane Common wart
Plane wart
Anogenital wart

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