7p22.1 microduplication syndrome

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7p22.1 microduplication syndrome
Other names: Trisomy 7p22.1
a) Left palmar creases bridged to form one and distal extends to 2-3 interspace b) right distal palmar crease extends to the 2-3 interspace.
SpecialtyMedical genetics
Symptomsintellectual disabilities, speech and motor delay, facial dysmorphisms
Usual onsetBirth
CausesDuplication of the p22.1 region in chromosome 7

7p22.1 microduplication syndrome (also called Trisomy 7p22.1) is a genetic disorder which is characterized by cranial and facial dysmorphisms, intellectual disability, and motor-speech delays.[1] It is caused by a duplication of the p22.1 region of chromosome 7.

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms of this syndrome are (but are not limited to) cranio-facial dysmorphisms such as macrocephaly, frontal bossing, low-set ears, hypertelorism, etc., intellectual disabilities, speech and motor delays, and heart, ocular, renal and skeletal defects (such as patent foramen ovale or brachydactyly type D ).[2]


This condition (as the name implies) is caused by a 430 kB duplication of the p22.1 region of chromosome 7.[1]This mutation is autosomal recessive, meaning that a baby would need 1 copy of a mutated gene from both parents in order to show symptoms of the disorder.


The evaluation of 7p22.1 microduplication syndrome is based on clinical features and molecular test.[1]


The management of 7p22.1 microduplication depend on the presentation (i.e. generalized seizures are treated with antiepileptic drugs)[1]


Only 60 cases of 7q22.1 microduplication syndrome have been recorded in medical literature.[3]


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