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If you like doing everything - writing the script, adding the right media content from Commons to the relevant text, and adding voice over to the completed article, then you fit this rare and talented category of a creative professional.



  • Keep the text of a slide short and add only 1 sentence per slide.
  • Generally, start a new sentence on a new slide.
  • Brevity is preferred.


  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Make sure that there isn't a lot of background noise.
  • You can also use your mobile to record your voice-over and upload them to each slide.
  • If you feel that there is still some background noise, you can use Audacity to remove the background noise.


  • If you are editing a non-English language, and you want to convert an image which contains some English text to your language - you can use the SVG Translate tool developed by the WMF Community Tech team.
  • Shortcut and Open Shot are good open source video editors

Interested users